Sunday, March 31, 2013

Comfy Stripes

Here is my look for today!

Out and about yesterday picking up some last minute Easter gifts so I went with a casual outfit. The weather was beautiful so I didn't have to put a coat on, which I love!!
I bought this Jacob Jersey cardigan the other day and I love it. I'm a huge fan of long, comfy cardigans and this is exactly that :)

Cardigan : Jacob
Jeans : Ksubi
Boots : Aldo
Blouse : (Value Village)
Bag : (Value Village)
Shamballa Bracelet : Cutey
Grey Bracelet : Jacob
Both Rings : (Value Village)

-Sydney xo

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone!!! 

Here are my photos so far on how my Easter has been :)

Here is my Easter cake I created. I definitely once again got an idea of how to decorate this cake from Pinterest. Follow me (here)

Here is what you will need...

and here's my brunch...

and my Easter egg hunt and Easter basket..

I hope everyone has a fantastic day. 
I have an outfit post for you guys later on today :)

-Sydney xo

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Centerpiece

Here is my Easter centerpiece I made for Sunday brunch with my family!!
I completely stole this from Pinterest. Follow me (here) 

This is super easy to do and I thought it looked so "Eastery" for brunch on Sunday.

I could have been really creative and hard boiled eggs, dyed them and designed the eggs myself but I just do not have the patience or time for that haha. 

I simply found a jar around my house, bought these eggs at the dollar store and placed them in the jar. I had to cut the flowers a little bit so they weren't too high. Once they are at the height you like, one by one I put each flower in the middle of the jar in between the eggs. Arrange them however you would like and VOILA!
Lastly, pour some water in the jar and because the eggs are pretty compact in the jar they shouldn't float.
If you have a jar that is larger you can put a separate cup in the center with water for the flowers and then hide the cup by placing the eggs all around it.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend full of family, friends and chocolate of course. I can't wait to begin my Easter baking and will have a post for you all tomorrow :)

-Sydney xo

Me and My Bunny

Here is my look for today!!

In honor of Easter weekend I had to take photos with my favorite bunny!
My family calls him "Super Bunny" I have no idea why but he is cute and my cats love the statue.

Blazer : (Value Village)
Shirt : Lands' End (Value Village)
Pants : Jacob
H Bracelet : Hermes
Gold Bracelet : (Value Village)
Bag : (Value Village)
Necklace : (Value Village)
Purple Ring : Sabo Skirt

-Sydney xo

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Adore Me

I was contacted by Adore Me and just received this stunning lingerie. This matching bra & panties set are beyond sexy and fit me like a glove.
Not to mention extremely comfy and I just love the detailing of the red lace against the black. 

Little things like packaging make me so happy and this came in a gorgeous box wrapped in pretty pink paper and an Adore Me sticker to seal it!

What's so fantastic about this company is that there are two different ways to pick and choose your lingerie and payment.

First one is the VIP Member

1. Get a personalized showroom on the 1st of each month
2. Any lingerie set is only $39.95
3. Every 6th set is free
4. Always free shipping and free exchanges
5. No commitment! No obligation to pay every month

Second option is Pay As you Go

1. Get a personalized showroom on the 1st of each month
2. Any lingerie set is $49.95
3. Always free shipping and free exchanges

They also have Sleepwear , Corsets and Legwear

The corsets are so amazing and I'm definitely going to be purchasing one. Check out Adore Me (here)

-Sydney xo

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Insta Week

Here are some of my latest Instagram photos! Make sure to follow me @sydhoff3 

As you can tell I'm getting super excited for Easter. I can't even believe it's this weekend, where did the time go!? I always remember Easter being in April so this snuck up on me and I now have to get all my Easter celebrating done in the next few days!! I love holidays :D

-Sydney xo