Saturday, February 8, 2014

Adore Me Valentine's Day

 Valentine's Day is next week and you can't go wrong with giving your loved one a sexy little something.
  Year round its nice to stay sexy underneath your clothes but for Valentine's Day, it's a nice treat to surprise your man with a new V Day inspired lingerie piece. 
I know a lot of guys aren't huge fans of chocolate and candy, but if he walks in the door with you wearing one of these, thats all he will need.

Adore Me lingerie has sent me these beautiful sets. I fell in love with the lingerie and the affordable price tag so since then I have bought numerous items from, bathing suits to corsets and other lingerie pieces.
Here are some of my favourites!!!

Here are two sets from my Adore me collection, which you can find (here) and (here)

What I love most about Adore Me is the fact that all sets are only $39.95!!
You can even set up an account where each month you are sent a new set, and with the price only being $39.95, its super affordable.

Make sure to check out Adore Me lingerie (here) for more Valentine's Day pieces.

-Sydney xo

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  1. These are lovely pieces indeed. Great gift ideas. Was so hoping for a bit of modeling on your part :) Hope things are lovely with you, dear!