Friday, April 25, 2014

Adore Me Spring Lingerie

The lovely people at Adore Me sent me this beautiful set from their new spring line! It seriously is perfect for spring and is absolutely gorgeous. The lace and floral design suits my style perfectly with a very romantic but sexy look to it.

The detailing is really beautiful in all the Adore Me sets and this one does not disappoint. The back of the bottoms are my favourite because I love a great cheeky bottom to begin with, but the detailing is stunning!!

I also need to gush about how comfortable each set is. The price of $39.95 for each set is beyond mind blowing, and the quality is of a high end lingerie set. I have spent $150 on lingerie sets before and the quality ends up being garbage and wears its self out so quickly.

Make sure to order a beautiful set from Adore Me's new spring collection (here) for only $39.95

Lingerie - Adore Me

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-Sydney xo

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