Sunday, February 6, 2011

Latest Purchases at Shoppers

I went to Shoppers tonight to grab some things for my trip to Dominican which is in 5 days :) I grabbed some Maybelline Lash Stiletto Voluptuous Mascara Waterproof! I need that for swimming and such when I go away! One of my favourite mascaras is the Maybelline Lash Stiletto but I haven't tried out the Voluptuous version yet. I also Grabbed The Daily Smooth Body Butter by Soap&Glory! Ive heard amazing things of the Soap&Glory brand so grabbed the body butter. I'm trying to save my money for my trip but once I'm back I want to purchase more Soap&Glory products. I also grabbed some Olay daily facials wet cleansing cloths just so if my friend and I come in late one night we can just wipe our make up off and pass out haha. I needed razors so I grabbed the cheapest I could find which was Balea triple blade Aloe&Shea Butter razors. My mom did buy these before and I actually loved them but my sisters did not. They just don't last that long..hence the cheap price. lastly I grabbed the newest LOU LOU magazine its actually one of my favourite magazines and its Canadian! don't ask me why I got The Wedding Guide but I love this magazine I wanted it anyways.
There are my recent purchassses guys :)

-Sydney xo

Current Obsessions

There are currently some things that I am loving at the moment..not all have to do with make up but I wanted to share them with you anyways :)

1. The Notebook!  I know this came out in 2004 and is the biggest romance movie but I recently watched it and now have watched it a few times this week, it seriously is such an amazing movie!

A little mirror selfy with one of my favourite shirts.

2. Horizontal Stripe Shirts. These are some of my shirts I've been loving the past few weeks. I think it's just a classy look and sets an outfit :)

3. Bathing Suits. This is what my suit case looks like at the moment because I'm going to the Dominican with my best friend in 5 dayyss :) I think I have too many but I love them
4. Tea. I have the regular Orange Pekoe Tea with milk and some honey at least every night or morning :) I love it
4.Essie-Turquoise&Caicos. I have become obsessed with this colour I think it's just so pretty and reminds me of Spring!!

5. Baking. I've recently become in love with baking I think it's relaxing and it's so much fun to make what ever I bake pretty and full of colour :) ps how cute are those Chanel Cupcakes!

6. Benefit Hoola Bronzer. Honestly best bronzer ever I would recommend this to everyone. Especially with the dull winter my skin has been blah and this bronzer just gives my face some colour and glow without it looking like I'm wearing bronzer.

-Sydney xo