Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Escape to the Cottage

The bluest day of the year just passed and I'm really understanding how people can get down or depressed during this month. All of the special holidays are over and there is this pressure to start your new year off bigger and better than you have in the past. It has also been super cold, so I haven't left the house much and my anxiety is creeping up on me again. I thought what a perfect way to try to kick this January funk then to head to the cottage for the weekend for a relaxing, winter escape. It truly helped. I felt like I got to really chill out and process what exactly I want this year. It felt great!

 Jacket: Shein

I just received this teddy bear coat and literally wore it the entire weekend. It was the perfect cozy sweater/jacket for the cottage.

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Hygge Home

I always hate when the holidays are over because I literally ask myself WHAT NOW? Anyone else feel like this!? I decided I was going to do everything in my power to not get those January blues. I decided to create a cozy atmosphere in my home, which is where I spend most of my time in the winter. I have always been obsessed with the hygge lifestyle which means nice, cozy, safe and togetherness. If you want to create a cozy atmosphere I have listed a few things to completely change your mood and turn your home into a hygge oasis.

1. Blankets, throws & pillows
The more blankets & pillows on the couch, the cozier and more inviting it is to just snuggle up and watch a movie.
Bathrobe: Pottery Barn || Blanket: Bed Bath & Beyond || Pom-Pom Blanket: Vintage Store (Similar) || Pillows: Bed Bath & Beyond - Similar (here) (here) || Slipper: Ugg || Fuzzy Throw: Homesense

2. Slippers & bathrobe
 Being able to come home, strip off my clothes and slip on some of the coziest pieces makes me so excited. I decided to invest in some good quality slippers & a bathrobe because after all I wear those more than anything else in my wardrobe.
Slippers: Ugg || Tea: Yogi || Carpet: Wayfair

3. Comfort food
Whether that is tea or pizza you should always have something on hand or something to look forward  to. Majority of my nights I look forward to my favourite tea or if I know my "treat day" is coming up, I can't wait to devour a pizza.
Candles: Pier1 || Marble Tree: Homesense || Tree: Ikea || Cabinets: Ikea || Carpet: Wayfair

4. Candles or twinkle lights
It's truly amazing how much my mood can change when I light some candles. Whether you like scented or unscented it really changes the whole atmosphere in the room. My favourite thing at night is to turn all the lights off and just have my candles and twinkle lights on. It makes for such a cozy environment and I'm all about that life right now.
Candles: Pier1

The winters can be tough and these little changes (and inexpensive changes) in your home can make the biggest difference. Instead of feeling trapped indoors on cold nights, why not transform your home into something cozy and inviting.

-Sydney Hoffman

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Christmas Break

Here is a roundup of all the outfits I wore back home for my Christmas break!

 Dress: Honey 

Coat: Zara 

The entire Christmas break it snowed almost everyday and it was absolutely magical.

 Plaid Blanket: (Similar) || Hat: Flufff || Boots: Hunter

 Hat: Flufff || Coat: Thrift Store (Similar) || Sweater: Thrift Store 

 Hat: Flufff || Sweater: H&M

 Hat: Flufff || Coat: (My dad's old coat) || Boots: Sorel (Similar)

Sweater: H&M || Skirt: LOFT || Boots: Aldo
-Sydney Hoffman