Friday, August 31, 2012

Cutey Bracelets

Went to my cottage...again and this is what I wore!

I received these beautiful bracelets from Cutey which has a range of charm bracelets and shamballa bracelets! I received the shamballa bracelets which I love and are fantastic to pair with other bracelets to create the perfect arm candy :)

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Check out the Cutey website (here)

Shorts : Buffalo David Bitton
Shirt : (Value Village)
Blue Ring : Lia Sophia
Shamballa Bracelet : Cutey 
Other Bracelets : (Value Village)
Shoes : (Value Village)
Sunglasses : Ray-Ban
Purse : Value Village  

-Sydney xo 

Saturday, August 25, 2012


Here is my look for today!

Yesterday my parents and I set out to cottage country and this is what I wore! 
My dad wanted to check out this motorcycle he has been eying down to buy and my mom wanted to check out an old cottage she use to go to when she was younger! I just went for the ride...any excuse to go up north I take :)

Shirt : H&M
Cardigan : studio (Value Village)
Belt : (Value Village)
Shorts : Dollhouse (Winners)
Shoes : Converse
Bag : (Value Village)
Bracelet : Jacob
Sunglasses : Ray-Ban
Ring : Lola (Shoppers Drug Mart)

-Sydney xo

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Blueberry Blue

Finally bought this blazer after months of contemplating it! Now that I have it, I'm not exactly sure why I took so long to finally buy it! This blazer was last winter's collection at Jacob, so I was skeptical on buying it worried this color might not be trendy for this fall/winter. According to the new fall Mango collection, this color of blazer is indeed very "in".

Here is my look!!

Blazer : Jacob
Shorts : Jacob
Sweater : Lands' End (Value Village)
Purse : (Value Village)
Necklace : (Value Village)
Ring : Le Chateau
Sunglasses : H&M
Wedges : Roberto Vianni (Sterling Shoes )

-Sydney xo

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Sequin Loafers

I went out for dinner with my sister last night in Toronto and this is what I wore!

 Some DavidsTea after dinner!

Shoes : Bamboo (Winners)
Shirt : V.I.Petites (Value Village)
Sunglasses : (Salvation Army)
Bangle : (Value Village)
Bracelet : Jacob
Blue Ring : Lia Sophia
Diamond Ring : (Value Village)
Bag : (Value Village)

-Sydney xo