Wednesday, March 14, 2018

French Bulldog - Gary

If you follow me on Instagram @syd.hoff you will know I got a french bulldog. Check out my YouTube video (here) for a little introduction to Gary. 

I've been getting a lot of questions about Gary and where exactly I got him. If you watch my YouTube video you will know my boyfriend and I only wanted a frenchie. We've been obsessed with them forever. After checking every Humane Society around me for over a year I realized there were no frenchies available. I decided to do some research on breeders and stayed far away from Kijiji as I've heard horror stories. I looked into a couple of breeders, but there was only one breeder I really followed for over a year. I knew I wanted a frenchie but wasn't sure when exactly I was ready so I just followed closely to the Royal Frenchies website. I even bookmarked the page and would legitmely click on their website everyday. I watched numerous litters of puppies come and go, but I patiently waited until it was the right time for me. What I loved about this breeder was being able to look up dogs that had been sold in the past. That felt reassuring because sometimes you never know what you are getting into with breeders. What was even better was being able to follow them on Instagram this allowed me to see other dogs tagged in her page that have been adopted. I could look into them and see how the dog and owners were dealing with their frenchie. I saw nothing but positive comments and feedback from my research. Royal Frenchies are located in Hamilton, so it wasn't too far for me to travel. Karen the owner is so sweet and helpful. When I wanted some additional video and photos of Gary she sent them over right away. Shawn and I are absolutely in love with Gary and so far have had no complaints (fingers crossed).

I will update you soon with how training is going and some of my favourite products.

-Sydney Hoffman


Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shein Review

I always get so many questions about the website Shein and what I truly think of the clothing. I wear a decent amount of Shein which is why everyone usually asks. Shein is a website that has some super cute, bright and fun pieces but everything is extremely cheap. When you see some of the prices instantly a red flag goes up and you wonder, is this legit!? The answer is's legit. But I have some tips and some information for you before ordering.

1. Don't expect high end fabric and quality.
Most of the time I receive high quality pieces, but sometimes I don't. But that doesn't bother me because the reason why I order from here is the low price. I could care less if it's not the greatest quality because I'm only paying $10 for it and to me that is completely worth it.  Most of the time the fabric is great and I get a lot of wear out of what I order. Even with bathing suits I wear them all day swimming over and over again and haven't had any issues.

2. Always check reviews for sizing.
Sizing can vary depending on what you are ordering. However, I am usually a small and small fits most of the time. With bathing suits I would suggest potentially sizing up, because they to run a little on the tight side, but ALWAYS read the reviews for each product. What's amazing is that a ton of people will review the pieces and give you their honest opinions about sizing and quality. There has been a couple of times I was set to order small and everyone wrote how tiny the size was. I sized up and it was perfect.

3. Shipping takes longer
Whenever I order from Shein I usually order quite a few pieces to make it worth it. Shipping does not take 5-7 business days like most websites. I mean sometimes you may get it within 7 business days but I highly doubt it. You usually won't get an email about your item being shipped until a few days after. Once it has been shipped you can follow the tracking like normal, but it may take 2 weeks for your order to arrive...maybe longer. If you need something the following week I would not suggest ordering. If I need something for an upcoming trip I usually order way in advance.

These are just a few things I tell people. I get a ton of questions about where I get my bathing suits and this is where I order. Super cheap, awesome fun prints and I've never had any major issues. Little issues like a bikini bottom may be a bit small (but other websites I've had the same issues) I washed a bathing suit and the dye bled on another shirt while it was hanging to dry. That's about it. I know some people have had worse experiences, but I've ordered quite a few pieces and this is my honest opinion. I hope this helps :)

-Sydney Hoffman

Friday, March 2, 2018

Pink Suede Skirt

It's starting to feel a little like spring (minus the snowfall this morning) and I always tend to wear lots of pinks and blues when spring hits. I just received this pink suede skirt and its truly the perfect colour for spring. I can't wait to rock more skirts this spring and summer.

Skirt: Shein

-Sydney Hoffman