Sydney Hoffman

Hi Everyone! My name is Sydney Hoffman and I'm a twenty-something blogger living in Toronto, Canada. In January 2011 I created this blog as a place to escape and share my own personal style and thrift shopping finds. Since then, I've been happy to create this blog as my business, sharing my fashion and lifestyle to you all. Enjoy!

Fun Facts

  1. I have never dyed or highlighted my hair before...actually I've never even been to a hair salon.
  2. I'm almost 5'10 and people are most shocked about my height when they meet me.
  3. I get told almost everyday that I remind them of Taylor Swift.
  4. My mom is my photographer.
  5. I'm 24 years old.
  6. I started my blog after I graduated high school.
  7. I originally started my blog as a beauty blog.
  8. I use my Canon T2i or my iPhone for my photos.
  9. My sister is a host on INNERSpace & interviewed me once for my blog. Proud mom moment.
  10. I'm from a big family with 2 older sisters, 1 older brother and 1 younger brother. 
  11. My family are truly my best friends.
  12. The little things in life make me the happiest.
  13. I love coming up with creative content everyday for my blog.
  14. I'm the BIGGEST holiday fan ever!!!