Sunday, August 30, 2015

Sunday Brunch

My sisters, mom and I decided last week that we should have some brunch on our balcony. All of us were home together for once and we wanted to take advantage of this summer weather before it disappears. We thought it would be a great idea to host a european style brunch. My mom is always collecting the coolest vintage dish ware, so we thought these fit perfectly with our theme. This was the layout in the end. We always have so much fun putting everything together. All morning we chatted on the balcony while we stuffed our faces. Pretty perfect morning.

-Sydney Hoffman

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Titika Active Couture

Sports Bra: Titika Active Couture 

When I received this sports bra it quickly became one of my favourites. Not only because of the look, but for the comfort. I wear this sports bra as a regular bra sometimes too, and its fantastic. Showing it off a bit underneath regular clothes looks amazing as well. I run and do yoga in this bra and it works great with both workouts. I love being introduced to a new Canadian brand and I surely will be purchasing more from them.

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, August 18, 2015



When I received these pants I knew they were going to quickly become my go to sweats. As soon as I put them on I felt like I had stepped into a dreamy, cushy, soft cloud. It may sound over the top, but thats truly how I felt. They are so soft and comfy, even my boyfriend instantly loved how soft they felt. Although they are amazing to lounge around in at the cottage, these bad boys are also going to be crucial for me in the winter. I'm so warm in these, that I'm almost looking forward to those cold chilly nights, because I will be living in them. *Side note...I'm not actually looking forward to the cold, but you know what I mean* I was also a huge fan of the colour selection and so in love with this unique colour. Be sure to shop lazy. ;)

-Sydney Hoffman

Sunday, August 16, 2015

MOVE by Ardene

Pants: Ardene || Shirt: Ardene || Sports Bra: Ardene || Water Bottle: Ardene || Runners: Nike Free Run

I was so happy to receive the cutest package from Ardene the other week, showcasing their workout line, MOVE. For some reason getting workout gear makes me so happy and in a strange way helps motivate me to workout. I think because this summer has been jam packed full of cottaging and lounging on patios eating yummy food, I've put working out on the back burner. Receiving this package definitely gave me a kick in the butt, and I'm pumped to get back into the workout swing of things.

-Sydney Hoffman

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Pants: Bootlegger (Similar) || Shirt: Joe Fresh || Hat: (LasVegas) || Bag: (ValueVillage)

During the winter I always try to pick up some fresh blooms every few weeks to keep things fresh and bright. Winter can get depressing and I find when I walk into a room with a bouquet of flowers, it really helps to brighten my mood. Obviously with it being summer I stopped because anytime I step outside I'm surrounded by beautiful blooms. The other day I passed these sunflowers in the market and I couldn't help myself but pick them up. Sunflowers aren't usually the typical flower you see in gardens around where I live, so these made me extremely happy. When I buy flowers it always inspires a new outfit and I right away begin to put together my next blog post. I thought roaming up north in the countryside really suited this entire look and I'm so pleased with how gorgeous this backdrop is.

-Sydney Hoffman

Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lake Life

A few weeks ago I was at my boyfriends cottage and here are some shots throughout the week. Make sure to head on over to my Instagram @sydhoff3 because I have added many more photos.
My boyfriend and I love coming up to his cottage. My entire childhood was spent at cottages in the summer, so they hold a special spot in my heart. Everything from the cottage drives to lounging on the dock to campfire nights, it all makes me so happy. When you have those hot days and you spend all day boating, swimming, and tanning...nothing is better in my personal opinion. The week was full of all of those things. Boating to a cute little breakfast nook on the lake, mixing together cocktails to sip on the dock while swimming in the almost 80 degree lake, heading into the small cottage town to watch a movie in the smallest/creepiest theatre. It's safe to say I had a blast and I'm currently back at the same cottage while typing this. This past week I was "cottage hopping" and have been to three different cottages. Can you tell I adore cottaging? Head on over to my Instagram @sydhoff3 to see ALL the cottage photos.

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

GUESS Holiday Preview

A couple weeks back I had the pleasure of checking out the GUESS holiday preview at the Lotus Leaf offices. I always get so excited to take a peek at whats to come. Although I'm so in love with summer right now, I did get very excited seeing all the beautiful coats and cozy sweaters that I will be getting my hands on for the holidays. Of course anytime I visit the Lotus Leaf offices, they always have the most scrumptious snack table. I made sure to test out each treat...

-Sydney Hoffman