Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Makeup Monday : Recent MAC Purchases

Yes, I understand it is Tuesday but I had every intention of uploading this post yesterday but when I got home to take the photos it was dark and the quality of the photos were awful. I decided to wait one day to give you clearer shots in the day time and then you can really see the colours better.
It is no surprise I'm a lipstick junkie. I love lipsticks, especially matte lipsticks. I hate lip gloss so the more matte a lipstick the better. I think matte makes my small lips look bigger and gives that classic look. I also think it lasts longer even though it's definitely more of a chore to keep up with them because if you don't, you can look quite silly with just a line around the edges of your lips.
I have been eyeing the Retro Matte collection at MAC for the longest time. I bought Riri Woo Retro matte lipstick a few months back and I fell in love. It's definitely better then the regular matte lipsticks because Retro is just so classy looking, bold and even more matte. 
The retro matte collection however, has been sold out for the longest time. I was that annoying girl who called every MAC around me asking if they had any in stock. I checked online everyday and even signed up for the notification to let me know when some colours were back in stock. Finally my MAC store closest to me called and let me know they had some colours in stock. I rushed to MAC after I finished work and grabbed the All Fired Up colour and the More To Love lip pencil. I was going to get Flat Out Fabulous but it looked too similar to my Candy Yum-Yum and Girl About Town.
I also picked up another colour I have been wanting for Fall, which was the Diva matte lipstick.

This lipstick is a gorgeous fuchsia pink but a little darker so it's still okay to wear for Fall. It's absolutely gorgeous paired with More To Love lip pencil which is a darker pink, even better for Fall.

This lipstick as I mentioned above was a colour I have been eyeing down for a while. I have tons of reds and pinks but not a lot of berry and burgundy colours. This is stunning reddish-burgundy colour and is perfect for Fall. Although this isn't part of the Retro Matte collection it's still gorgeously matte and bold on my lips.

I have a shot of me on Saturday wearing the Diva lipstick with my cat costume (how original).

-Sydney xo

Friday, October 25, 2013

I Vant to Suck your Blood

 Here is my Halloween Costume for you all!!

Corset : La Vie En Rose
Skirt : Ports International (Value Village)
Heels : Pleasure (Value Village)

Ever since I was younger my mom has been creating amazing costumes for me. I have been Pippi Long-stocking, Rainbow Brite, Cindy Lou Who, Paper Bag Princess, Queen of Hearts and Dora the Explorer.
When I got older I went for the cutest and simplest outfits I could put together. Now that I'm out of my teen years I'm beginning to be a bit more creative with my Halloween outfits. I'm a fanatic for holidays so I might as well go all out with my costumes. Although I am a vampire and that's not very original, I wanted to really deck out my face makeup.

The items I bought were fake eyelashes, fake blood, fangs, nylons and white&black makeup. The fake eyelashes were a bit crazier then I had anticipated so I cut the bottom eyelashes in half to tone them down. The fake blood worked out nicely although I wished it was a little darker to look more real. A cool part of the blood capsules was that you could put them in your mouth and have the blood slowly pour out the side of your mouth. It was cool but the taste was so gross I just ended up spitting it all out. Just to prewarn you all.The nylons were great and the makeup was alright. I ended up wishing I bought white makeup that I could have put all over my face and not just for design. I ended up having to draw white streaks all over my face to make my face white as a dead vampire, even though I didn't need much because I'm already extremely white. The last thing I tried out were the damn fangs. I was so excited to have some sexy fangs and these things would not stay on my teeth. You had to put them in boiling water then mold them to your teeth and let them cool. I did everything the instructions told me to do and they would not stick. I actually used gum to see if they would stay because I was so frustrated. It didn't work, so I ditched the fangs but I thought the rest of the makeup made up for it.
The rest of the accessorizes were random lace and ribbon I found around my house. Wrapped the ribbon to make a choker and the lace to make a thick bracelet.
I had the corset already and this skirt I actually wear with some of my outfits. It looks like its a dress but it is however a two piece.

I wanted to leave you with some of my old Halloween photos :)

What are you dressing up as this year!?

-Sydney xo

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 4 : Caitlin Power

I had the honor of being invited to the Caitlin Power show for Day 4 of the World MasterCard Fashion Week in Toronto. 
It was a hectic day for me because I had to take my Halloween photos the morning before going because I'm going away this weekend. In the morning I rushed to get my Halloween makeup and outfit together, take photos, then shower and get ready for Fashion Week. I had every intention of taking my photos before leaving because I knew it would be dark by the time I got down to the tents, but I just ran out of time. I wore my hounds-tooth coat with a black ensemble underneath with my velvet black stilettos. Considering I froze last time I decided to make sure I was warm and kept it simple with a statement coat. This coat you can see in my post (here)
Once I got down there I was meeting up with my sister who was just finishing a shoot and we arrived just in time for the show. After the show we scooted out to grab a bite to eat before going back home. In the end it was a very rushed and busy day but fun :)

Here are some of my favorite looks from the Caitlin Power show

I also wanted to share one of my favorite photos taken of me on Day 2 !

Check me out on Flare Magazine Street Style Day 2 album, right after Jeanne Beker ;)

-Sydney xo

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

World MasterCard Fashion Show Day 2 : Travis Taddeo and the Mercedes-Benz Start Up Show

Here are some of my favorites looks from the Travis Taddeo show. 
My camera did not capture the greatest photos on the runway so here are some professional ones mixed with my own.

Lounge-wear turned high fashion

This is a look on the inside of the tents.

Next up was the Mercedes-Benz Start Up show which showcased 8 up and coming Canadian designers. At the end they had judges to pick the winner. The winner will be able to have their own show for next years World MasterCard Fashion Week and tutorials in FASHION Magazine.

My favorite designers were Dreamboat Lucy and  HD Homme

Dreamboat Lucy is exactly my style and HD Homme is exactly what I would want my boyfriend or husband to wear.

This year for the first time they had a tie!!

Both deserving and talented designers and it was so nice to see the up and coming talent!!

The next show I will be watching is the Caitlin Power show Thursday night :)

Stay tuned for the latest through my instagram sydhoff3
-Sydney xo

World MasterCard Fashion Week Day 2

I had the pleasure of being invited to World MasterCard Fashion Week - Toronto Fashion Week. I was only invited to three shows but considering I didn't think I was going to be invited to any, I was ecstatic!!

Day 2 is where my journey began with the Travis Taddeo and Mercedes-Benz Start Up shows.

FIRST, here is my outfit for Day 2.

I was excited!!!

 and then I pulled a Miley..

Blazer : Forever 21
Skirt : H&M
Boots : Topshop
Nylons : American Apparel
Cheetah Ring : Le Chateau
Pearl Ring : (Value Village)
Bag : Holt Renfrew (Value Village)
Blouse : (Value Village)

Lipstick : MAC - Riri Woo

SECOND, I stopped by my sisters work at SPACE Channel. My sister Morgan is a talk show host for InnerSPACE and we got the tour of the place. She films in the CTV building in Toronto which holds MTV, etalk, Much Music and CP24. We had the tour of everything, even during filming. I've been there before but I had one of my best friends Alex with me, so she got to see everything. We also got to take some snaps on the famous InnerSPACE couch.

Just being silly sisters haha

Check out InnersSPACE weeknights at 6 on SPACE.

Stay tuned for the runway photos :)
-Sydney xo

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zara Skirt

Here is my look for today!

I bought this skirt a while back and knew it was going to be a great fall skirt. I went around the beginning of the summer when everything was on sale and I snagged this Zara skirt for I believe $30-$40. This is a very flattering skirt and definitely shows off my  "ass"-ets. (hah) I figured as long as it's tastefully done you can show off what you have ;)
I thought this thrift store sweater I have had laying around in my closet for a while would be the perfect colour to tie in with the skirt.

Skirt : Zara
Boots : Topshop
Nylons : American Apparel
Blue Ring : Lia Sophia
Spiked Bracelet : Cocoa Jewelry
Sweater : (Value Village)
Bag : (Value Village)

Today I'm so excited to be heading off to the World MasterCard Fashion Week aka Toronto Fashion Week. I will be heading to Travis Taddeo and then checking out the Mercedes-Benz Start Up Runway Show. I will be keeping you update through my Instagram sydhoff3 and then of course stay tuned for a post tomorrow :)

-Sydney xo