Friday, September 30, 2011

At Your Service

 It was a little chillier today and I am not feeling so good, so I thought putting on my bright blue sweater would be cheery :) 

Jeans : Buffalo David Bitton
Wedges : Roberto Vianni
Sweater : Value Village
Purse : Value Village

ps whatever I get at Value Village I will let you know but in brackets I will put the label. If I don't that means I couldn't find the label, like the sweater and purse above.

Lastly I wanted to give you guys a hint on my Halloween costume for this year!!
Can anyone guess??
I love fall and Halloween so I'm very excited!!

- Sydney xo

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Last Minute of Summer

It was super nice out the other day so I thought I would take out my summer clothes one last time before the nice warm days fade and fall finally begins!

Sandals : Value Village ( Marc Fisher)
Dress : Forever21
Bracelet : Value Village
Purse : Value Village (MB)
Yellow Ring : Lia Sophia
Diamond Ring : Gift

Have a Wonderful Day :)

- Sydney xo

Lia Sophia Jewelry

 Look what arrived!! My Lia Sophia Jewelry. I went to a jewelry party a few weeks back at my friends house with Lia Sophia jewelry. I ordered 3 rings and I am in love with them. I would highly recommend this jewelry to anyone!

Love Love them! :) Great quality jewelry  Lia Sophia Website - Check it out guys !

- Sydney xo

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Lingering in the Forest


 My boyfriend
I went to go visit my boyfriend at school the other day so we decided to go to the arboretum behind his school to take some photos :)

Pants : H&M
Wedges : Value Village (A.Co)
Sweater : Salvation Army (Bess)
Purse : Chanel ( was a gift so I can only assume its fake unfortunately)

Have a wonderful Tuesday :)

- Sydney xo

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Country Saturday

  Set out with my sisters and mom and headed up north to the country to go to White Feather Farms. It is the cutest country store filled with homemade food, fall filled decorations and yummy scented candles :) At the side of the store they have a chicken truck that is absolutely hilarious, so it was a must to take some photos of it. ps excuse my squinty eyes from the sun..forgot my sunglasses :(

 Two photos without the cardigan and purse.
 Tried the new ice latte at McDonald's..delicious but kind of made me feel sick after haha

Some of my purchases at White Feather Farms
Yummiest Country Home Candle and a gallon of all natural Apple Cider, yum.

Jeans : Victoria Beckham
Boots : Aldo
Top : Flea Market ( no name)
Purse : Value Village
Belt : Value Village
Cardigan : Value Village ( Northern Reflections)
Bracelet : Value Village
Small Ring : Gift
Bigger Ring : Lia Sophia

- Sydney xo

Sunday, September 25, 2011

I want to be a Cowgirl

My Cowgirl inspired outfit of the day! 
I also have more makeup purchases! Went into Shoppers Drug Mart with my sisters again and found out the Mascara LASH DNA was also buy one get the second of course I bought them haha 
The lady at Shoppers was great and ended up giving my sisters and I a bunch of free samples and I love samples because now I get to try out things I wasn't so certain about buying before :)

Dress : Value Village (M Collection)
Boots :Value Village (Egne)
Nylons : Shoppers Drug Mart
Ring : Value Village
Clutch : Value Village

- Sydney xo

Saturday, September 24, 2011

5 Things I am loving at the moment :)

 Snowballs and Fun Donuts
 Fresh Rip Strawberries
 Halloween Cookies
 New Elle and New Necklace
Second New Necklace

- Sydney xo

I Won the Kreativ Blogger Award

Thank you so much too Mixed With Love   for awarding me the Kreativ Blogger Award!!

That means so much to mee!! Thank you Thank you Thank you :)

  • Link back to the person who passed you the award
  • Complete the form below
  • Award 10 Blog & drop them a line about it
  • Share 7 random things about yourself

  • Name your favorite song: Your Song - Ellie Goulding
  • Name your favorite dessert : CheeseCake
  • What pisses you off: People who drive under the speed limit
  • When you're upset, you: Have some time alone in my room or sleep
  • Your favorite pet: My dogss :) Toby and Eddy
  • Black or white: White
  • Your biggest fear: Losing a loved one 
  • Best feature: My Eyes or Legs
  • Everyday attitude: Just Do It
  • What is perfection: Cottage Times or a nice Fall Walk
  • Guilty pleasure: PURSES

    7 Random Things
    • I think I have an obsession with second hand stores/shopping
    • Tea and Coffee can make any morning great
    • I get excited when I share with you guys my outfits and photos
    • I am loving School at the moment
    • I am volunteering as the specialist position for Toronto LG Fashion Week (will give you more info)
    • At the moment it is 5 am and I can't sleep
    • I LOVE Flowers
    The Blogs I am now awarding this too are :

    1. Pigments&Palettes 
    2. Porcelaine 
    3.  Arabella
    4.  Dear Diary 
    5. Milk Bubble Tea
    I only did 5 but there you go guyss!! :)
    - Sydney xo

    Friday, September 23, 2011

    Horseback Rider

    I was going for the horse riding look today! I thought it was just so much fun and I got lots of compliments about my blazerr :) 

    Blazer : Value Village
    Pants : H&M
    Boots : Aldo
    Tank Top : Garage

    Have a lovely Friday!! :)

    - Sydney xo   

    Tuesday, September 20, 2011


    Here is my outfit for the day lovelies !!
    Basically everything is second hand (Value Village or Salvation Army) 
    Salvation Army is a charity run second hand store which I like to go in to support charities

    Pants : Buffalo Jeans
    Top : Salvation Army
    Wedges : Value Village
    Clutch : Value Village
    Necklace : Salvation Army
    White Ring : Value Village
    Crown Ring : Gift

    There you go guysss!! Hope everyone is having a fabulous Tuesday :)

    - Sydney xo

    Monday, September 19, 2011

    Among the Trees

    Outfit post and some yummy chocolate chip cookies I made :)

    Pants : Guess
    Boots : Aldo
    Shirt : Winners
    Scarf : Urban Outfitters
    Ring : Value Village
    Bracelet : Pandora
    Lips : Russian Red MAC lipstick

    - Sydney xo