Tuesday, April 30, 2013

MAC Cosmetics

The other day when I went to Toronto I mentioned to you guys that I bought a few things at the MAC store.
I don't have a MAC at the mall closest to me so I feel like I never am buying things from MAC. When we were window shopping I decided to pop in and grab a new Matte Lipstick - Candy Yum Yum, which is a super popular florescent pink. I also picked up their ever so popular Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle.
I have heard great reviews about both these products so I wanted to give them a go.

The Mineralize Skinfinish in Soft and Gentle is perfect for the summer, which is why I bought it. It gives such a pretty but subtle glow to your cheeks. If and when I get a little tan in the summer I plan on applying a little bit of mascara, a bright lipstick and this on my cheeks!

Continuing on with my ideal summer look, this Matte Candy Yum Yum lipstick is the perfect colour. It does look very similar to my Maybelline Vivids Fuchsia Flash lipstick but MAC Matte lipstick is my favorite and lasts way longer. I have mentioned before how Matte finish is my favorite for a lipstick so I do prefer this over any other lipstick and it's so bright and fun!!

What are some of your favorite MAC products!? I have just found out I have a MAC coming to the mall closest to me, so expect lots more MAC purchases.

-Sydney xo

Monday, April 29, 2013

Casual Sunday

Here is my look for today!

I was going out to do some errands with my sister and decided to pick a casual outfit. It was also a beautiful day, although it looks kinda crappy in my photos. It went a little overcast and was a little windy but it's finally warm! It's always awkward at first when it's warm because I don't want to whip out my shorts right away (especially with my white legs) so an ankle pant is great with a short sleeved cardigan. I also forgot I had these white converse. I always thought they were too big because with converse shoe sizes you always have to go down a size but now I'm taller so I feel like it fits my body nicer.

Pants : Buffalo David Bitton
Sneakers : All Star Converse
Shirt : (Salvation Army)
Cardigan : (Value Village)
Bag : (Value Village)
H Bracelet : Hermes
Orange Ring : (Value Village)
Diamond Ring : (Gift)
Sunglasses : Ray Bans

-Sydney xo

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Floral Design

Here is my look for today!

Friday night I went to Toronto with my sister (Devon) to see my other sister (Morgan)! We ended up going to a bar and had a few drinks while Devon met up with some school friends and Morgan met up with some work friends. I was just there for the fun and had some drinks. Morgan and I ended up leaving a little earlier, grabbed a tea and walked around the city while Devon partied some more with her school friends. It was a really fun night and in the morning we grabbed some breakfast at What a Bagel, which was delicious! I was hoping it was a little warmer so we could have sat on their nice patio, but regardless a great place. 
After breakfast we decided to do some browsing and shopping. I only bought a few items from MAC but I will be adding another post to show you guys what I got there.
The CN tower photo was taken on Morgans balcony at her condo and if all goes well in the next few months this will be my new home.

Blouse : (Value Village)
Pants : Buffalo David Bitton
Loafers : Kelsi Dagger (Winners)
Leather Jacket : Buffalo David Bitton
Ring : Le Chateau
Sunglasses : Ray Bans

-Sydney xo

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The Body Shop Haul

I recently have rediscovered my love for The Body Shop! I always would buy tons of creams and soaps from this brand when I was younger but after awhile forgot about it.
I work pretty close to The Body Shop so I started wandering into the shop on my lunch breaks and my love for the products quickly came back.
Now after seeing all of my purchases you may think I went a little insane and bought everything. Actually, these products were purchases throughout a few months. I also got to try everything out so I can let you know what I thought of everything.
What is really awesome about The Body Shop is they always have deals on. Some of my purchases have been buying things when it was buy 3 things for $30, buy 2 get 1 thing free, 50% off skincare, $10 off for your birthday month (I'm part of their rewards club) because I'm also a part of the rewards club I also get 10% off all of my purchases. I can also build points and get money off with my card as well.

I recently became obsessed with their body butters again.
They are perfect for my dry skin and really keep me moisturized all day. Not to mention they have the most amazing scented creams!
The body butters are usually $20 but they had an online exclusive where certain body butters were 50% off. I knew I was going to get my use out of them considering I'm always running to the store needed a new cream, so I ended up buying 6. I also calculated with my 10% off, free shipping and tax I ended up saving around $70ish if I were to buy them full price.
The package arrived on my birthday too so it was a nice treat :)

 I ended up purchasing Strawberry, Limited Edition Blueberry, Limited Edition Papaya, Sweet Lemon, Cocoa and Grapefruit Body Butters.
Now I'm sure you're wondering why there are 8 body butters in the second photo...well that was another deal when I ended up purchasing those.
One day they ended up having a buy 3 for $30. I purchased two mango body butters and a mascara. I ended up saving probably around $25 :)
The mascara I ended up with was Super Volume Mascara!
I really liked this mascara. Perfect as a day mascara because it still gives you volume but it doesn't look like too much for the day. It had a strange smell to it but overall really enjoyed this mascara.

I realized I had to go in this month to buy something to get my $10 off for my birthday. The day I went in they also had a buy 2 get 1 free. I ended up buying Almond Nail and Cuticle Oil, Big and Curvy Mascara and a foot scrub. I ended up getting the foot scrub for free and $10 off so my purchase was around $15.

The cuticle oil was great and I liked the little piece at the end to push back my cuticles before applying nail polish. 
The Big and Curvy Mascara was actually my friend's favorite mascara and I really love this one. I prefer it over the Super Volume Mascara and I will probably be repurchasing this one.
The foot scrub is also great and the handle is easy to use especially in the shower.

Quite a few months back I also purchased their BB Cream, Cocoa Body Butter and Almond Hand Cream.

You can see that post (here) where I describe what I think of the products. 
I did want to mention it in this post because I've been really loving the Almond Hand and Nail Cream!!

Hope you like this haul and check out The Body Shop website (here)

-Sydney xo

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Turquoise Sweater

Here is my look for today!

Coachella just ended and all I've been seeing are tons of summery, festival, fun filled outfits!! It's making me a wee bit depressed especially considering the weather around here is not very nice.
Yesterday the weather was a little better so I had to whip out a summery outfit with a bright detailed sweater. I added a little touch with the smallest purse I've ever seen. Whenever I'm out at a concert I hate lugging around a big purse, so this little guy is great to put your ID and some cash.

Sweater : (Value Village)
Shorts : Bluenotes
Purse : (Value Village)
Bracelets : Jacob
Sunglasses : Sabo Skirt
Boots : Aldo

-Sydney xo

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

My 21st Birthday

Yesterday was my 21st birthday and I wanted to share with you guys my day and what I got :)

I started my day with some breakfast in bed. This has been a tradition my dad has done with my siblings and I since we were little. Usually it would be a cupcake with a candle and chocolate milk but every year it changes and it's something I get super excited for. 
With my breakfast in bed I also received some presents as well. A new teapot and teacup!! I have been wanting a really nice teapot and teacup as I am a tea fanatic and I'm in love with these! The teapot especially reminds me of something from a Disney movie and my mom found these at Value Village.

During the day I was surprised by some friends to get pedicures and do a little bit of shopping.

I'm on the hunt to finish my summer wardrobe wishlist and the only thing left I need are shorts. I really like high waisted shorts so I was on the lookout for those. I came across a great pair at H&M and I shockingly found 3 more at Bluenotes. I never go into Bluenotes but these were so cheap I couldn't say no.

After shopping I went home and had food, cake and presents with my family :)

I always have a preference with how I would like my birthday cake. I always want something fun and pretty and that represents me. These things make me super happy so when I came across this pinterest photo of Selena Gomez with one of her cakes, I knew this was the type of cake I wanted.

My mom put her own twist on my cake and I thought it was very appropriate considering my birthday is on earth day :) This is the result!

The most hilarious/traumatizing moment for me is half way through the happy birthday song the flowers starting falling and breaking and landing in the candles. The flowers are real and I took a little bit before we sang to take some photos and after a while the candles melted the flowers so they all started falling. It was so hilarious but awful all at the same time haha
Note to self no candles or fake flowers. 

Leftover cake and table..

Now here are some of my presents :D
From my parents I got...
Hermes small purse with a removable long chain.
It also is a wallet style inside so I will probably be using this as a wallet and a long purse :)

 Cute beanie style Chanel hat
 Another teacup set
 Summery Ray Bans
 Gorgeous YSL lipstick in Extreme Coral 15

 and cute summer mason jars
 Wearing some of my gifts :)

My sister Morgan got me a water/juice mug that reminds me of Strawberry Shortcake :)

My sister Devon got me these things, plus the gorgeous flowers behind.
We decided to get each other small gifts this year but I love them nonetheless!

After cake, presents and food I went to my friends house and we watched a movie and I opened the presents they got me.
Here are all the things they got me :)

We ended up watching Billy Madison and doing our nails.

Overall I had a wonderful birthday. I'm not a huge party girl so this was my ideal day.

Sorry for the million and one photos!
Have a great day :)

-Sydney xo