Friday, November 21, 2014

Bootlegger Cozy Holiday Look

Here is my look for today!

Enough of the warm, sun filled photos of me in Mexico, its time for the holidays!! That means, cozy warm "snuggle worthy" outfits, or dressy, beaded, sequinned outfits with lots of red lipstick. I just painted my nails red this morning, and I'm already feeling festive, which makes me extremely giddy. When Bootlegger asked if I wanted to take part in their blogger holiday campaign, I jumped at the chance. Not only is Bootlegger a fantastic company with great affordable pieces, but anything that is holiday themed excites me beyond. I got the chance to pick my very own "cozy" and "dressy" outfit and here is what I put together. Nothing says cozy winter casual then the perfect cable knit sweater, accompanied by a warm coat. The toggles on the coat give this outfit that classic casual look, with the faux fur hood making you feel oh-so-cozy. This combination is the perfect winter wear, along with a pair of comfy black skinnies.
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Coat : Bootlegger
Sweater : Bootlegger
Jeans : Bootlegger 
Bag : Aldo
Booties : (Sterling Shoes)

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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

TRIANGL Swimwear

These photos were taken on our last day. Morgan and I woke up super early to lay by the beach and get ahead on our tanning. This beautiful Triangl bathing suit was sent to me in September, and unfortunately I couldn't enjoy the bathing suit, because of the weather in Canada. I was so happy to be able to bring this along with me and get lots of wear out of it. It's beyond comfortable and all Triangl swimwear is so much fun with bold colours and almost "scuba" like fabric.

Bathing Suit : Triangl 
Sunglasses : Aldo


Mayan Riviera Day 5

What the pathways looked like. 

Which were full of these little friendly guys.

Our view and hammock on our balcony.
Before entering some of the restaurants, lobby and entertainment area.

The view at one of the buffets by the beach.


Gentle Fawn Marianne Dress

I decided, because this vacation was strictly for relaxation, that I was going to pack super low key and not fuss about anything. I decided not to bring makeup and not touch my hair, besides a wash (obviously) and a blow dry after. I brought a few different pair of shoes, but ended up living in my flip flops. I decided, because I wanted to pack as minimal as possible, this dress would be great for day and night at the resort. I'm glad I brought this because most of my outfits were super casual, so this was the perfect outfit for dinner at night at the "fancier" restaurants.

Dress : Gentle Fawn 
Sunglasses : Aldo


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Mayan Riviera Day 4

My sister and I decided not to leave the resort when we were staying at Catalonia Royal Tulum. We figured we were only there for 5 nights and wouldn't get too bored with the place. On the third day we decided to venture up and down the beach which was pretty private. There was a cute little party resort on the very end of the beach, which is where I decided to take these photos. On the other side was pretty much nothing, but a super exclusive, quiet, private resort with beautiful homes (it was nice).
I have a bunch of odds and ends as bathing suit bottoms, so whenever I buy a new bathing suit top I try my best to have one of my bottoms match them. When I was browsing the Old Navy sale section a few months back, I decided to buy this top for a whopping $6.99. These are super old Victoria's Secret bottoms and with the stripe of purple in the bottoms, I thought they tied in nicely with the top. Now looking at the photos I really like the combo.

Bathing Suit Top : Old Navy 
Bathing Suit Bottoms : Victoria's Secret


Mayan Riviera Day 3

There are two breakfast buffets one of each side of the resort. On the mornings we go for breakfast by the ocean, we usually like to hang out on the beds, hammocks or bean bags and just stare out at the beautiful ocean after. I will fully admit Morgan and I gained weight on this trip because we stuffed our faces the entire time. The buffets were alright, but the restaurants throughout the resort were phenomenal. 

Shirt : Gentle Fawn
Shorts : Bluenotes


Gentle Fawn Alamo Tank

This was an outfit I wore to breakfast one morning. This Gentle Fawn tank was the perfect tank top to wear on vacation. I'll be honest I've given up on bras, especially when I was on vacation so I popped this on with a pair of shorts and I was set for some breakfast. The back is obviously my favourite part and I was all for keeping things simple and easy for my outfits this vacation. Just outside our room was this back driveway and the entire thing was lined with these beautiful flower bushes. Obviously this was a must as a backdrop for an outfit shot. 

Tank : Gentle Fawn 
Shorts : Bluenotes 
Belt : (Value Village)
Sunglasses : Aldo


Mayan Riviera Day 2

 This is a classic moment, telling my sister what to do with my camera and how to take the photos. I have a very specific way in which I envision all my photos. I love my friends and family who put up with me, and help take my photos.

The second day spent in Catalonia Royal Tulum was spent mostly by the ocean. The only other tropical area I've been to was Puerto Plata, Dominican, which was beautiful, but didn't even compare to what the beaches looked like here. I have seriously never seen such a beautiful, clear, aqua ocean before. I felt like I was in a walking travel magazine, it was picturesque. Not only did it look nice, but it was so warm, I felt like I was in a lukewarm bath the entire time. There was something so nice about the water, I felt my hair and face were glowing the entire week, although I'm sure the vitamin D probably helped in that department too. We very quickly fell into a routine that started out with the breakfast buffet when we woke up, a quick bikini change after, and alternated between the ocean and pool as our hangout for the day. We never left that area all day, because they had a lunch pizzeria beside the ocean bar and a buffet on the other side. Another added bonus was we could literally be as lazy as we wanted to. Servers would come around every 20 minutes asking for drink orders, which easily got out of hand. After the 5th daiquiri and laying out in the sun all day, we would have to quickly run over to the pizzeria for lots of water and food. 

Bathing Suit Top : Lululemon