Sunday, February 26, 2012

Academy Awards Night

My family and myself are huge movie lovers. We have a wall of cabinets full of movies and in each of our rooms we have our own personalized movie collections. Every year when the Academy Awards are on, we all get so excited to watch and see who wins. Of course I also love to see celebrities and their beautiful dresses. My dad especially is the big movie buff so he makes a fun night out of it with champagne and decadent foods. This year of course he went all out yet again..

Assortment of Pickles and Mini Sausages.

 Baked Brie, Caviar with Crackers, Chocolate Covered Strawberries and Giant Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Assortment of Cheese and Crackers with Pate.

Bollinger Champagne, The Beach House Sparkling Wine and Henkell Trocken Champagne.

Shirley Temples (brings me back to my childhood)

Hope you guys all have a great night!!

-Sydney xo

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Royal Blue Trench

Here is my look for today!

Jacket : Vera Moda
Jeans : Buffalo David Bitton
Sneakers : Converse All Star
Belt : (Value Village)
Purse : Holt Renfrew (Value Village)
Top : Forever 21
Blue Ring : Lia Sophia
Crown Ring : Ebay
Gold Ring : Lia Sophia
Sunglasses : Ray Bans

Tim Horton's is a Canadian chain of fast food restaurants and is my favorite place to go. They have healthy, fresh meals and are famous for their coffee. Every year they have a `Roll up the Rim to Win` contest where you can win little prizes like coffees and donuts or big prizes like cars and TVs. I get so excited and any chance I get I grab a coffee. Yesterday I was a winner...only for a free coffee or latte, but its better then nothing.

P.S I'm so excited for the Academy Awards tomorrow, and there will definitely be a post for you guys about it.

-Sydney xo

Friday, February 24, 2012

Rainbow Wedges

Here is my look for today!

Fell in love with these shoes when I saw them at Value Village. They add such a punch of colour and they are beyond fun!

Wedges : She's Sassy (Value Village)
Blouse : (Value Village)
Skirt : H&M
Purse : (Value Village)
Red Leather Bracelet : Pandora
Orange Ring : Value Village
Other Ring : Lia Sophia

Last night I went out with some friends for drinks and appetizers..then headed downtown for the night.

After downtown I headed off to the airport at 2am to pick up my boyfriend! Don't worry I was the DD last night so I had virgin drinks, I do not drink and drive.
When I went away to Dominican last year I brought my boyfriend back a little trinket souvenir. Jordan returned the favour and brought me back this cute and pretty hilarious Mexican doll.

-Sydney xo

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Denim and Leather

Here is my look for today!

I bought this cheap leather jacket a few months back because I always wanted one, but had little money. I luckily received a beautiful leather jacket with quilted detailing and a fur collar from Buffalo I never used this one. Decided to take the tags off and finally bring it out of my closet and pair it with this very spring/summer Jessica Simpson dress.

Dress : Jessica Simpson (The Bay)
Jacket : XOXO
Heeled Boots : Roberto Vianni (Sterling Shoes)
Purse : Chanel (Gift)
Necklace : Salvation Army
Ring : Lia Sophia

The other night my friend and I decided to have a relaxing night and get some drinks at Second Cup!

-Sydney xo

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A Splash of Spring in Winter

Here is my look for today!

My lovely mother picked this skirt up for me the other day and I just adore the fit and colour!

Skirt : H&M
Top : American Apparel
Hat : American Eagle
Over the Knee Socks : Hue (The Bay)
Heels : Roberto Vianni (Sterling)
Red Leather Bracelet : Pandora
Gold Cha Cha Bracelet : Lia Sophia
Yellow Ring : Lia Sophia
Cheetah Ring : Le Chateau
Crown Ring : Ebay

I`m having a wonderful break with my friends, and we decided to have a night full of Pina Coladas and hot tubing.

-Sydney xo