Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Holiday Outfits

When I linked this coat to my Instagram story I think you guys sold out the jacket. It's no longer available at Hudson's Bay (I'm sorry)
Sweater: Shein || Pants: Nike || Boots: Sorel (Similar) || Hat: Flufff

Hat: Flufff || Coat: LOFT || Dress: Old Navy || Pants: LOFT

 Hat: Flufff || Sweater: Gap || Boots: Hunter || Jeans: Bluenotes

 Hat: Flufff || Vest: Old Navy || Sweater: Thrift Store

 Boots: Hunter || Jeans: Bluenotes || Scarf: Hudson's Bay || Hat: Hudson's Bay (Similar)

 Hat: Flufff || Skirt: LOFT || Sweater: Wear It Forward || Boots: Aldo 

 Hat: Flufff || Skirt: LOFT || Sweater: H&M

Boots: Hunter || Sweater: Bluenotes (Similar) || Hat: Bluenotes

Sweater: Lookhuman ||

Hat: Flufff || Sweater: Thrift Store

Boots: TOMS || Hat: Flufff || Jacket: NOIZE

-Sydney Hoffman

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Christmas Decor

 PJs: la Vie en Rose 

 Car: Marshalls 

 Photo: Posterjack || Trees: Homesense 

 Wreath: Michaels || Reindeer: Bowring || Tree: Homesense 

 Pillow: White Feather Farms || Throw: Homesense 

 PJs: la Vie en Rose 

 Throw: Homesense || Pillow: Jysk 

Wreaths: Michaels || Check out my blogpost to flock your own wreath (here)

Tree: Michaels 

-Sydney Hoffman

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Hallmark Christmas Movies

I love Christmas movies, but I have an embarrassing obsession with the made for tv Hallmark films that play ALL day long on certain channels during the holidays. I know they are a guilty pleasure with a lot of you too, so I thought I would put together my absolute favourites. Trust me when I say I've seen majority of them...even the really bad ones.

1. Christmas Cookie
A corporate agent is sent to a small town to buy a cookie company and shut down it's factory. When she starts to fall in love with the owner, the town's Christmas spirit over takes her. 

2. Snow Capped Christmas
An injured figure skater is sent to the mountains to recover. Once there, she meets an ex-hockey player and daughter and soon realizes what she's missing in her life.

3. Hearts of Christmas
When a NICU nurse plans a Christmas retirement party for her beloved hospital supervisor, she butt heads with a new manager that's determined to cut costs.

4. Christmas Incorporated
When a man inherits his fathers company with a struggling toy factory in a small town. He heads to the town to decide to keep it open or close it and finds the true meaning of Christmas along the way.

5. Holiday in Handcuffs
A struggling waitress kidnaps one of her customers to bring home and meet the family.

6. A December Bride
After her fiancé leaves her for her cousin she fakes an engagement with a friend. When she starts to decorate his house for the holidays the fake engagement turns into something more real.

7. A Bramble House Christmas
While settling his dads estate he becomes very suspicious and decides to investigate as to why his father left his nurse $100,000 after knowing her for less than 2 months before he died. 
What are some of your favourite films!?

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to Flock your own Christmas Tree or Wreath

If you love that snow white flocked look on a Christmas tree or wreath, but already purchased those items without it being flocked, do not worry you can still achieve that look. My mom is going to be flocking her tree, but I just wanted my wreaths flocked so we decided to do this little DIY project together. 

We searched in a lot of stores to find the Snow Flock material, but couldn't find it anywhere. We decided to order a 2 pound bag online at Seasons Reflections - The Original SnoFlock or on Ebay (here)

 Once you have your snow flock material, you just need a spray bottle filled with water and a strainer - sifter. Fill your sifter with some SnoFlock and lightly spray and sift at the same time. Do not spray water in the sifter. Make sure you are only spraying the SnoFlock on the branches. When the water hits the SnoFlock it expands and sticks to the branches. If you want bigger chunks I also used my hand to throw chunks on each of the branches. If you want a really snowy look just keep sifting until you achieve exactly what you want.  

A 2 pound bag should be enough for a full tree and a wreath or two.

Let it dry for a few hours and VOILA!!

-Sydney Hoffman

Sunday, November 19, 2017

5 Things to do in Toronto this Christmas

If you follow me on Instagram-@syd.hoff you will quickly see how obsessed I am with the holidays. Toronto is absolutely gorgeous during the holiday season and I love to explore all that Toronto has to offer during Christmas. I've come up with a few things that you MUST do this season in Toronto.

This is one of the best Christmas markets in the world and is located in the most perfect spot in the Distillery District. You can't miss the 50 foot spruce tree and all the little vendors and boutiques full of gifts and food. 

This is the ultimate skating rink with a beautiful view of the CN Tower and the waterfront. I also find it's not as busy as some skating rinks around the city.

3. Movie night with Christmas Krispy Kreme doughnuts.
When it's too cold to go out to any restaurants or bars stay home and watch Christmas movies all day. You can visit or use UberEats to get some Christmas Krispy Kreme doughnuts from one of the three locations downtown.

4. Cut your own Christmas tree
Although you may have to head a little ways out of the city for this one, it's totally worth it. I do have a fake large tree as my main tree, but I love cutting my own. I like to cut down a mini guy and keep it on my balcony or in another area of my condo. I would suggest Spademan Tree Farm or Merry Farms.

Not only does Nathan Phillips Square have a Christmas market starting December 1st but you can also go ice skating in front of the iconic Toronto sign.

I'm always excited to hear more about Christmas activities in the city...let me know what you like to do during the holidays!?

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Pumpkin Spice Drink

Want the perfect drink to sip on while enjoying your Halloween movies tonight!? Try out this pumpkin spice drink that has been my favourite thing to make this season.

In a pot on medium heat add...

2 cups of unsweetened almond milk (add milk if you prefer that)
2 tbsp pumpkin puree
2 tbsp maple syrup
1/4 tsp cinnamon (I always add way more)

Once ingredients are all together, keep on high heat while stirring for a few minutes.

These are the brands I used for my pumpkin spice drink and it comes out so yummy. You can also add some whip cream if you are looking for it to be extra sweet ;)

-Sydney Hoffman

Monday, October 23, 2017

Tobi Fall Favourites

I ordered a few pieces from Tobi and it's safe to say I'm in love with my fall picks. Check out my photos below, along with links to everything.

Hat: Tobi || Dress: Tobi 

Sweater: Tobi 

-Sydney Hoffman

Sunday, October 22, 2017

Fall Foliage

If you follow me on my Instagram @syd.hoff you will know how OBSESSED I am with fall and when the fall leaves start to change colour, I crave going up north in search of the gorgeous fall foliage. Whether it's a fall walk or just heading up north looking for cute markets, you need a durable, cozy coat to do all your fall adventures in. I'm absolutely in love with this Canada Goose Brookvale Hooded Coat from Altitude Sports. I mean how perfect is this colour for fall!? This coat keeps me warm, but still feels light-weight which is perfect for my walks.  

 This jacket looks fabulous whether I'm wearing heeled booties or plain old sneakers.

Jacket: Altitude Sports || Jeans: GUESS || Booties: Bluenotes || Beanie: Uniqlo 

-Sydney Hoffman

*This post was sponsored by Altitude Sports. However the views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own*