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  1. Hello Sydney, how are you doing? I wanted to reach out to you an inquire about your blogging services on products.

    My wife imports these bags from Colombia and I market them here in Toronto to sell them, how do we go about having you feature one of them?

    I'm a photographer & graphic designer so we have no limits, maybe we can cross line of work? All photos and designs are copyrighted as we produce them.

    You can check out the bags here:

    Thank for taking the time to check them out.

    (647) 213 3960

  2. Hello Darling,

    2018 is the year!! I will ask you for a date to have a quick coffee or lunch with you. I change my blog layout. Maybe I should go with all white.
    Check my page pls:

    Bisou Bisou
    Take care
    looking forward to see you again

  3. Hey Sydney,

    Stay pretty!

    By the way, I just want you to know that we are interested in advertising on your website: and would love to explore the available options you are currently offering.

    Since our website is targeting international audience. We are looking more towards you-doing-a-super-short-and-simple-write-up-for-us or Guest-posting (if you’re open to this option).

    Here's our website in case if you need it: We are pretty new in the game.. Nevertheless we are gaining consistent momentum.

    Please enlighten me on the available options if you are interested.

    Talk soon.

    With Regards,