Saturday, July 20, 2013

My Summer so far!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while my computer died on me and now it's back up and running!
I wanted to update you guys on how and what I've been up to this summer so far.
I went to my friend's cottage last weekend and here are some photos, along with an outfit post :)


 In the first few photos I'm wearing :
Shorts : Urban Outfitters
Shirt : PINK Victoria's Secret
Bandeau : PINK Victoria's Secret
Bag : Chanel
Sunglasses : Ray Ban
In the dock photos I'm wearing :
Dress : H&M
Flip Flops : A.OS (Value Village)
Sunglasses : Ray Ban
I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer. I thought I would share with you guys that I will eventually be creating my own YouTube Beauty Channel. I have absolutely obsessing over them and I feel it would be a lot easier to talk about the products instead of trying to write them out through my blog. I have made one video so far but I'm going to make a few more before I post anything and I need to perfect the editing aspect of the videos as I have no idea how to. Wish me luck!!
-Sydney xo