Friday, March 25, 2016

Overlooking Cannes, France

In any area of Cannes you could see a gorgeous church on top of a big hill in the distance. One day we walked up the very steep hill to check out the church, and was welcomed by a stunning view.

Selfie with a view.

Jeans: Bluenotes || Blouse: Gentle Fawn || Jacket: Buffalo David Bitton || Hat: Aldo || Sunglasses: Aerie || Shoes: Converse ||

I can't even explain how beautiful everything was up there. Actually, everything everywhere in Cannes was just stunning. Europe itself is just so different then Canada, so I enjoyed looking at pretty much everything.

-Sydney Hoffman

Thursday, March 17, 2016

Carlton Cannes

Boots: TOMS 

If you've been following me over on Instagram- @sydhoff3 you will know I just got back from Cannes, France. I was lucky enough to tag along with my mom and dad on a work trip and was thrilled to collaborate with a few different companies on some spring campaigns. Cannes, France was absolutely stunning and I was truly obsessed with the hotel Intercontinental Carlton Cannes that I stayed at during my France trip. Here are some shots of just how beautiful this was!!!

Sunglasses: TOMS

Dress: Bluenotes

The hotel restaurant patio.
You had the beautiful blue mediterranean, with palm trees and a mountain view on the one the historically beautiful, parisian hotel view on the other side.

Poncho Scarf: Bluenotes

Never-ending stairwell inside the hotel.

View from our adorable balcony.
Ocean front view.

Back view of the houses in the hills.

Dress: Bluenotes

Check out more photos over on my Instagram- @sydhoff3 

-Sydney Hoffman

Monday, March 14, 2016

Flow Water

That is the number one thing I say to people when they ask how to stay healthy, how to lose weight or how to achieve clear skin. If you know me you know I always have water in my hand. If I don't, I feel off for the entire day and will chug back water as soon as I get a hold of some.
I have absolutely fallen in love with Flow Water which is from Canada (score) and is a naturally alkaline spring water packaged in 70% renewable resources. I mean can you get a better water!? Whats even more useful is the fact that you can get your Flow Water delivered right to your door.

I don't know about you, but the first thing that I do when I wake up is drink a 500ml bottle. If I don't have water first thing in the morning I feel dizzy and nauseous. I know it's weird, but water cures everything for me.
When I head out for the day, I grab the 1000ml bottle for the day. Super easy and convenient. 

Even with my daily smoothies I love to add Flow Water and take the rest to go.

Water is truly a key ingredient to everything. I cut out all the other liquids (besides coffee and tea of course) and drink just water. You don't need anything else. Sleep, working out, and tons of water is how I stay my healthiest. I lose weight easier, maintain a positive attitude and have clearer skin with those three easy routines. Trust me, you should try it!

Pants: Lululemon || Coat: Lululemon || Sports Bra: Bluenotes || Shoes: Nike || Sunglasses: Ray Ban || Water: Flow Water ||

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Gentle Fawn- Keep A Breast Foundation

Kimono: Gentle Fawn || Blouse: Gentle Fawn || Jeans: Bluenotes || Hat: Aldo || Bag: Aldo || Sunglasses: Aerie || Shoes: Converse ||

I'm so honoured to be an ambassador for Gentle Fawn's Keep a Breast foundation campaign. Gentle Fawn has customized this beautiful kimono, where 35% of proceeds will go to Keep a Breast foundation. I think this is such an important charity to help raise awareness for breast cancer in young women. Not to mention that the kimono is beautiful, so it's an even better excuse to go purchase one to help out a great cause.

-Sydney Hoffman

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Oscars Party

 Every year my family has an annual Oscars party!! I get so excited for it every year. It's a fun excuse to all get together, eat yummy food and watch beautiful, wealthy, talented people win awards ;)
Each year we like to come up with some kind of theme around our decorations or food. This year I decided to have classic movie theatre snacks for our party. After all we are celebrating the biggest movies of the year!

My mom is someone that always has a ton of different glasses, so its easy to pick out different glassware and decorate with them. I don't know why but something is so exciting about sticking liquorice in a big wine glass. We rimmed the champagne glasses with edible gold glitter and found old school popcorn bags at Bulk Barn for our popcorn. My mom found this vintage gold tray and I thought it was just the perfect piece to tie everything in together. I purchased some glitter and bow tie straws at Dollarama and voila!!!

Here are some photos from my previous Oscars parties.

The Oscars Party 2015

I will admit some years the Oscars can be boring and long. I thought this year was hilarious and Chris Rock...rocked ;) (bad joke)

-Sydney Hoffman