Saturday, July 14, 2012

Casual Saturday

Here is my look for today!

My ideal casual outfit for running around doing errands and relaxing on my balcony :)

Sunglasses : Ray-Ban
Shorts : Jacob
Top : Jules And James (Salvation Army)
Flats : NYC (Value Village)
Gold Ring : Lia Sophia
Blue Bracelet : (Value Village)
Crown Ring : (Ebay)
Purse : (Value Village)

Here are some random photos of my week!

Had a little bonfire at my friends house last night and this is what we ate. (Healthy)

Loving Starbucks all over again because I finally tried Americano coffee. I couldn't stand the sugary lattes, I'm just a regular coffee girl, which is why I love Tim Hortons so much. I don't even take sugar in my coffee, so Americano is perfect :)

-Sydney xo


  1. I love your up do hairstyles Sydney. PS, I had a purse, exactly like that.....PPS, you always look beautiful! Twitter: JoanneBridget

  2. Love the bag and the Raybans :-)
    And you really suit your hair up Sydney, looks fab!

    Vanessa x

  3. i love how leopard always spices an outfit up

    1. haha gotta love leopard! Thanks Jenna :)

      -Sydney xo

  4. Beautiful styled :)) nice bag . I have always like the packaging of coffee: D