Thursday, September 6, 2012


My friend and I went shopping the other day and decided to randomly stop in the Lush store. It always smells so yummy but sadly I usually never go in. Luckily my friend Alex wanted to check it out and I'm so glad we did! The people working there were extremely friendly and knew every detail about every product. They informed us on everything and allowed us to test a bunch of different products. We instantly started piling things into our basket and this is what I ended up with!

I bought this Wiccy Magic Muscles Massage Bar It smells fantastic and the beans inside the bar feel amazing against your skin. I would even use this on my legs before going out in a skirt or dress because it gives an amazing glossy look to your skin. I will be going back to try out more massage bars :)

Next I got this as a tester, Honey I Washed The Kids Soap which again smells phenomenal! It makes my skin feel super soft and is really moisturizing for my dry skin. I will definitely be going back to buy a bigger size.

I mentioned above that I have dry skin so when I asked the sales lady which lotion to choose from she instantly told me to buy this one. I also have eczema in certain places and sensitive skin in general and this product specifically helps all of that! Whenever I shower I have to moisturize my whole body or I develop dry patches so I was skeptical on the small size of the pot. Luckily for me a little goes a long way with this lotion so I know the small pot will last me a long time. Do yourselves a favor and buy The Dream Cream !

Mask of Magnaminty  is another fabulous product from Lush! It is a face mask but could also technically be a face wash. I needed something to get rid of my pesky blackheads on my nose and the lady recommend I try this. I LOVE it! I have now incorporated this into my daily morning routine. The minty smell and tingly feel on my skin, instantly wakes me up! It minimizes my black heads, removes any redness and makes my skin feel spectacular!

As you can see I`m in love with all of my purchases and my friend also loves all of hers.
I will most definitely be making another trip to Lush soon, and I hope all of you do too!!

In other amazing news, I came home to find  Buffalo Jeans had sent me a wonderful package! I love this company and was so excited with all the things I received :)
Thank you Buffalo Jeans !

I can't wait to show you guys everything :)

-Sydney xo


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