Saturday, October 20, 2012

Tim Burton's Pumpkin Patch

 Here is my look for today!

I put this together and was feeling very Tim Burton. I recently went to a Tim Burton inspired burlesque show, so I felt it was appropriate to bring out my best Tim Burton outfit for the pumpkin patch :)
Top : Bess NYC
Skirt : Ports International (Value Village)
Blazer : Jacob
Wedges : Roberto Vianni
Nylons : Jacob
Shamballa Bracelet : Cutey
Gold Bracelet : Lia Sophia
Purse : Holt Renfrew
Both Rings : Lia Sophia

-Sydney xo


  1. Amazing pictures!! Love the skirt :)

  2. The blazer and the bracelet is awesome:) Visit my blog and also my youtube channel (where I'm singing my own songs and covers - also christmas songs:)) Hope that you'll make such great post in the future too and would be also happy, if you would follow my blog and me on bloglovin:) NIKA

  3. Love this outfit Sydney, totally spooky! :-)
    Hope you have a great week hun!

    Vanessa x

  4. I think Tim Burton could really love it!
    Nice photos!

  5. Hola Guapa!

    Hoy sales en mi blog, espero que puedas pasar y que te guste!