Saturday, March 30, 2013

Easter Centerpiece

Here is my Easter centerpiece I made for Sunday brunch with my family!!
I completely stole this from Pinterest. Follow me (here) 

This is super easy to do and I thought it looked so "Eastery" for brunch on Sunday.

I could have been really creative and hard boiled eggs, dyed them and designed the eggs myself but I just do not have the patience or time for that haha. 

I simply found a jar around my house, bought these eggs at the dollar store and placed them in the jar. I had to cut the flowers a little bit so they weren't too high. Once they are at the height you like, one by one I put each flower in the middle of the jar in between the eggs. Arrange them however you would like and VOILA!
Lastly, pour some water in the jar and because the eggs are pretty compact in the jar they shouldn't float.
If you have a jar that is larger you can put a separate cup in the center with water for the flowers and then hide the cup by placing the eggs all around it.

I hope you all are having a wonderful Easter weekend full of family, friends and chocolate of course. I can't wait to begin my Easter baking and will have a post for you all tomorrow :)

-Sydney xo

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