Wednesday, June 18, 2014

The Little Things

Have you ever lost yourself before? It sounds so strange and so heavy but the last few months I felt like I haven't really been myself. For whatever reason I've been feeling down and not my happy, cheerful self. It hit me one day when I realized I wasn't really enjoying anything, especially the little things, which always make me happy. I woke up the other day and decided it was time to change. I know you must be wondering why the hell am I talking about this after posting flower photos, but my point is make sure you ALWAYS enjoy the little things. The little things for me are picking out flowers for my gardens, coffee and tea, driving with the windows down, treating myself to a butter tart at my favourite cafe, sitting in silence watching the sun set on my roof or going for a walk around my block listening to my favourite music. I decided to concentrate on gardening and starting my own vegetable garden to help get me back to my happy place. I am an earth sign so its only fitting that playing in my backyard with nature would help snap me back. 

 I set off to my local garden centre on Saturday to pick up some flowers for planting and some seeds for my vegetable garden. I'm so excited, and its nice to get excited over these things again. I felt my life was dull and I had to get out of my funk and back to my 80 year old self, who gets excited over gardening and tea time. 

I will make sure to keep you guys updated with my gardens and how my vegetable garden is shaping up. 

Jumper : (Value Village)
Hat : (Las Vegas)
Sneakers : Converse 
Bracelet : (Value Village)

-Sydney xo

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  1. Very cute outfit, Sydney! Value Village is actually a fun place to shop and find unique clothing item! :)

    Xo Sydney