Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Relaxing Night

I forgot to post these photos last week, but here are a few shots from Friday having a night in with my boyfriend. We decided to do our present exchange because we knew we wouldn't have much alone time during the week of Christmas. I wanted to make a night of our Christmas exchange, so I made sure to buy some wine, make him dinner and have a movie night with his favourite movie. My boyfriend Shawn has a very "guy" condo, so I thought by bringing in a Christmas tree and some new candles, it would soften the place a bit. I thought this Toronto Smoke candle was perfect for him from  Smells Like Canada. I'm now obsessed with the brand and will be purchasing some more scents. I ended up making his favourite tacos, which I was pleased with because that is something I can actually cook. The night went exactly how I envisioned it, spending all night relaxed, sipping wine.
I'm back at home today for Christmas eve and I've currently done nothing all day. That's exactly what you're suppose to do during the holidays, right!? I hope santa treats everyone well tonight!!


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