Friday, February 13, 2015

Tiffany&Co. Valentine's

My boyfriend is away on business this weekend, so we celebrated our Valentine's Day earlier throughout the week. Although I wrote in my previous post about not spending much on Valentine's Day, my boyfriend SPOILED me anyway. Am I complaining? Hells no. It was such a surprise, which made it all so much sweeter. I love Valentines's Day, so when my boyfriend asked me what I wanted, I said maybe breakfast in bed, cooking dinner together or a single rose would do. He exceeded my expectations with this little blue box. I died a little when I saw the bracelet. I don't have any pearls in my jewelry collection, so this piece was perfect. This bracelet is classic, dainty, girly and perfect to wear everyday. I just love it, and it goes so nicely with my everyday watch. 

My boyfriend said he didn't want anything for Valentine's Day, (which I assume most men say) but when I walked past this Valentine Bulldog at a store about a month back, I had to buy it. My boyfriend and I are dying for a puppy, but realistically with work and space, it won't happen anytime soon. I thought a nice compromise would be to buy a fake puppy. We would ideally love a pug, bulldog or french bulldog, so this little squished face bulldog was so cute. I gave it to him early, as a full on joke gift, but we now call him our child. It's hilarious, the stuffed animal currently sleeps in bed with us........
We ended our early Valentine's Day with homemade dinner, wine and quite possibly some fun lingerie ;)

Bracelet : Tiffany&Co 
Dress : Yoins
Shirt : Nastygal

Lipstick : MAC - Riri Woo


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