Thursday, May 14, 2015

Mother's Day

Here are a few snaps of my day on Sunday for Mother's Day!!!
This past Sunday my family and I got together and celebrated Mother's Day. Although my mother thinks you should be celebrating Mother's Day everyday. It is nice to have a day to really show how much we appreciate her. If my family and I didn't have my mother, we would probably be major failures in life. Sounds harsh I know, but seriously our mother is our everything. I'm speaking on behalf of my siblings as well, because they would all be saying the same thing. 
My mom especially has played a major role in my life, because she is my photographer for this blog. I get so many people complimenting me on my photos, and thats all because of my momma!!
She puts up with a lot from me, and I'm so glad she still kicks my butt everyday and has yet to give up on me (thank god). My mom is truly my best friend, therapist, coach, photographer and role model. 
With any type of holiday that happens in my household we always start the day with cooking breakfast and drinking mimosas. As long as I can remember my dad has been making mimosas for any special occasion. I'm finally at that age where I can appreciate them, because I always thought it tasted like rotten orange juice. Not to mention my dads famous eggs he makes. Seriously I wish my dad would open a breakfast joint just so he could sell his scrambled eggs. I think he mixes in heaven with them? No seriously, they are phenomenal. After my parents both had a jug of champagne and orange juice to themselves, they were feeling pretty good at 10am. Its really adorable to see my parents act like college students giggling together and getting drunk off mimosas.
Every year my mom gets her choice of ordering a meal. I find every year my moms options become more bizarre, yet more amazing. Last year she wanted McDonalds breakfast and we literally bought 10 egg McMuffins, 20 hash browns and 7 coffees. It looked hilarious. This year my mom wanted fish and chips with sangria. God I love that women. 

-Sydney Hoffman

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