Thursday, August 6, 2015

Lake Life

A few weeks ago I was at my boyfriends cottage and here are some shots throughout the week. Make sure to head on over to my Instagram @sydhoff3 because I have added many more photos.
My boyfriend and I love coming up to his cottage. My entire childhood was spent at cottages in the summer, so they hold a special spot in my heart. Everything from the cottage drives to lounging on the dock to campfire nights, it all makes me so happy. When you have those hot days and you spend all day boating, swimming, and tanning...nothing is better in my personal opinion. The week was full of all of those things. Boating to a cute little breakfast nook on the lake, mixing together cocktails to sip on the dock while swimming in the almost 80 degree lake, heading into the small cottage town to watch a movie in the smallest/creepiest theatre. It's safe to say I had a blast and I'm currently back at the same cottage while typing this. This past week I was "cottage hopping" and have been to three different cottages. Can you tell I adore cottaging? Head on over to my Instagram @sydhoff3 to see ALL the cottage photos.

-Sydney Hoffman


  1. Nice post! And beautiful photos : )

  2. Beautiful photos! Looks like a fun week.