Tuesday, September 22, 2015

#FaceFoward with Clinique

Clinique is helping me put my best #FaceForward by supplying me with a product I can trust. A lot of people are always asking me what I use on my skin. If you've been following my blog, you would know my absolute FAVOURITE moisturizer since I was 14 has been Clinique. I used to suffer with dry, sensitive skin and was always self-conscious of the dry patches on my face. Clinique has allowed me to put my best #FaceForward by clearing up my skin and giving me my confidence back.
I was so excited to try some other products from Clinique as well and, of course, I loved everything just as much as its moisturizers. I was nervous that the Sonic System Cleansing Brush would be too abrasive for my skin, but it polished and made my skin glow in a gentle way. Using the cleansing brush with the Foaming Sonic Facial Soap really gave me a deep clean, and I even saw the blackheads on my nose clear up. I was also SO excited to try the Moisture Surge Overnight Mask. My saving grace for the winter has been the Moisture Surge Intense moisturizer, so I’ve wanted to try out this mask for a while. Like all the products, it treated my skin so nicely, and this is now my go-to winter product. My mom has been wearing Clinique ever since she was younger, and she has now passed this on to my sisters and me. Clinique has always been a product in my bathroom that I trust. I was so happy to try out more Clinique products and be part of this phenomenal campaign. Make sure you check out more about Clinique’s #FaceForward campaign at clinique.ca/face-forward.

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-Sydney Hoffman

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