Friday, April 8, 2016

Splashing around in the puddles.

Trench: JACOB || Sweater: ValueVillage || Jeans: Mavi || Boots: HUNTER || 

I decided to really test out my HUNTER boots with all of these puddles. I'm so happy the snow is finally gone, which means I can actually get back to taking spring shots. I was right in the middle of my spring groove, when this damn snow storm hit. I actually didn't take any photos for a week because I refused to take any with snow. Luckily I had many shots from my trip to post throughout my social media and blog, so it worked out best. I truly am a six year old when I have my rubber boots on. I will purposely run into puddles and mud...because I can. Must be the kid in me when I use to play outside for hours in the rain in my rubber boots and coat while singing "rain, rain go away." I still sing that, is that sad?

-Sydney Hoffman

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