Wednesday, July 27, 2016

WayHome x CAT Footwear Round Up

I was so excited to head to WayHome this past weekend with CAT Footwear! I've never really experienced a music festival before, especially a camping music festival. CAT Footwear hooked me up with a VIP weekend pass and WayCamp, which everyone was calling "Glamping." WayCamp was a private VIP camping section, with tents already set up for you. They also came with air mattresses, sleeping bags and a flashlight all prepared and waiting for you. It was pretty sweet to roll up and have everything set up. It also included VIP showers and bathrooms, which was a HUGE bonus. 

The first day was beyond hot, so I knew I had to pick something super breezy. This paisley dress was the perfect piece to tie in nicely with my Bethany Boot by CAT Footwear. I liked how the blues blended and I quickly found out how crucial boots were at a festival. Pre-warning to any festival goers...always wear boots or booties. They are truly the best shoe to wear because its so dusty and dirty you do not want to be wearing sandals. I saw some seriously dirty feet that weekend and its not pretty.

Day 2 may have actually been hotter than day 1 shockingly, so I was happy to be wearing a light romper and short booties. I received so many compliments while wearing the Cheyenne Boot from CAT Footwear. These were also my personal favourite and super comfortable to rock during the day and night.

Day 3 was the most relaxed day so I opted for my adorable Kay Shoe from CAT Footwear. I paired mine with some denim shorts, but these would look amazing with some jeans as well!

Make sure to check out all my photos over on my Instagram-@sydhoff3

I would also like to thank CAT Footwear again for the most amazing weekend. I had so much fun and loved rocking my CAT shoes!!

-Sydney Hoffman

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