Tuesday, November 21, 2017

How to Flock your own Christmas Tree or Wreath

If you love that snow white flocked look on a Christmas tree or wreath, but already purchased those items without it being flocked, do not worry you can still achieve that look. My mom is going to be flocking her tree, but I just wanted my wreaths flocked so we decided to do this little DIY project together. 

We searched in a lot of stores to find the Snow Flock material, but couldn't find it anywhere. We decided to order a 2 pound bag online at Seasons Reflections - The Original SnoFlock or on Ebay (here)

 Once you have your snow flock material, you just need a spray bottle filled with water and a strainer - sifter. Fill your sifter with some SnoFlock and lightly spray and sift at the same time. Do not spray water in the sifter. Make sure you are only spraying the SnoFlock on the branches. When the water hits the SnoFlock it expands and sticks to the branches. If you want bigger chunks I also used my hand to throw chunks on each of the branches. If you want a really snowy look just keep sifting until you achieve exactly what you want.  

A 2 pound bag should be enough for a full tree and a wreath or two.

Let it dry for a few hours and VOILA!!

-Sydney Hoffman