Monday, February 20, 2017

B'Saha Moroccan Restaurant

Every weekend my boyfriend and I love to explore the different restaurants in Toronto. The city of Toronto is full of restaurants and some of the greatest ones in the world. This past weekend my boyfriend and I decided we should try Moroccan. B'Saha is a new Moroccan restaurant along the cute shops and restaurants on College St. We initially fell in love with the restaurant because of the adorable decor and flavourful food. We honestly just kept ordering more and more sides because everything tasted fresh and so delicious.

Right away I was intrigued with the Avocado/Date shake on the menu and it was quite possibly the best shake I've ever tasted. I loved it so much, I tried to replicate the shake at home but failed miserably. I guess I will just have to go to B'Saha everyday to get my fix.

Love the quaint, Moroccan inspired decor.

My favourite thing on the menu is Tagine. Tagine is something you have to order 25h in advance as they cook the meat to perfection. You can seriously taste the time and quality that went into making the food. You can choose between lemon chicken, beef, lamb, veggie plate and meatballs. I went with the Kefta Meatballs and they were the best meatballs I've ever tasted. The cooked egg in the middle made it even better. The combination with the egg and meatballs was unlike anything I've tasted before!

Find the full B'Saha menu (here)


I fell in love with this restaurant and food so much I decided to team up with B'Saha and giveaway $10 to B'Saha through UberEATS. Find out more over on my Instagram.

Find the GIVEAWAY (here)

-Sydney Hoffman

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