Tuesday, May 23, 2017

How to Achieve Healthy, Acne Free, Glowing Skin

From time to time I do get questions on how I keep my skin clear. I will admit I'm very blessed with clear skin (usually) and never really struggled with acne. 
 However, there are things I do to make sure I keep my skin clear, healthy and glowing. I thought I would put together a list of things I swear by to make sure I keep acne off my face.

1. Change your Pillowcase
Whenever I do start to break out, this is the first thing I do. Every night regardless if you wash your face or not, your pillowcase is collecting germs and bacteria. Especially from any hair product you use, thats being rubbed all over your pillowcase and causing your skin to clog up. I usually find my skin clears up after changing my pillowcase.

2. Clean your Makeup Brushes
Once I clean my pillowcase, I will always clean my makeup brushes. I think this is something a lot of people forget about, but the amount of germs and bacteria on our brushes that we are rubbing on our face everyday isn't good. 

3. Drink more Water
When I say drink more water, I mean a significant amount. I don't mean have another cup or bottle extra in a day. You should be constantly drinking water throughout the day. Cut out the crappy sugar filled juice and pop, you only need water. It helps flush out the toxins, it helps clear and give you a better complexion, it helps you from overeating...it just helps!!! So go grab yourself a glass of water right now!

4. Get more Sleep
This one is tricky depending on your lifestyle, but I forgot what a goodnights sleeps does to your face. I have been going to bed at midnight or later, but the other day I went to bed at 1030-11 and I woke up feeling amazing and my skin looked so good. I totally forgot the benefits of a goodnights sleep.

5. Workout
Sometimes when I workout, I will push myself harder (obviously to get fit) but to get my face as red and sweaty as possible. I find the more red my face gets, the better my skin looks the next morning. Try to get at least 30 minutes a day or even every other day of physical activity.

6. Drink a Coconut Water Every Night 
I have a coconut water every night and I always wake up the next morning with glowing skin. I keep my refrigerator stocked and find coconut water is also great to help with those late night cravings.

7. Wash your Face Every Night NO MATTER WHAT
Even if I'm beyond exhausted or I've had a late night out with friends (that usually means alcohol is involved) I ALWAYS wash my face. I can't stress the importance of a clean face before you go to bed. It helps heal and clear your skin after having makeup on it all day.

8. Stick to What Works
Once I find a skincare routine that works for me, I usually stick to it and never change. Whenever I do change my routine,  I find my skin breaks out. If you have a routine that keeps acne and breakouts away, stick to it!

9. Stay Consistent with your Healthy Eating 
Obviously this one can be tough, but just like my skincare routine, I find I'm the same way with food. If you find a healthy meal plan that works for you, stick with it. Every morning I have a green smoothie and I add coconut oil and chia seeds and find it really helps give me a glow to my skin.

10. Green Tea
I will have about three green teas a day and I find it so beneficial to my skin and body. It helps with bloating and my skin always looks amazing if I've had a couple during the day.

I'm always excited to learn new ways that help you guys with your skin!? Any other suggestions!?

-Sydney Hoffman


  1. Such a great post! My boyfriend is always preaching to me about changing the pillow case more, I guess he was right! Also def gonna try your recommendation for the coconut water before bed, love this idea!

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