Thursday, July 6, 2017

Unwrap Some Good with Nestlé

I just came back from the Nestlé factory in Toronto which is one of Canada's oldest and largest confectionary production facilities. I was lucky enough to get a full tour of how they make all the yummy chocolate bars. I was like a little kid in a candy store. I was fascinated with how the chocolate bars all come together.

While I was there I learned some cool facts about how Nestlé makes their chocolate bars and treats. They are peanut free and are not made with any artificial flavours or colours.  

*Smarties chocolate being poured in*

*Me taking photos of the Smarties chocolate before it heads in for its colourful coating*

I've always known Nestlé treats are delicious but today I learned some really important facts about how the company makes their products. The biggest thing I discovered is the passion Nestlé has for using 100% sustainable cocoa in their products. It made me look at the brand in a whole new light and I think it's something that should be shared with everyone. Nestlé has created something called 'The Cocoa Plan'. Their mission is to help out with key issues facing their cocoa farmers. Nestlé has gone above and beyond to source the best cocoa and to help the people who are living in the communities where the cocoa farms are. Nestlé has helped invest over $150 million in the communities where they source their cocoa from.

*Kit Kat packages waiting to be wrapped around chocolate bars*

*Kit Kat bars rolling out all ready to go*

Nestlé has provided 12 million high-yield, disease resistant cocoa plants to farmers who were loosing their crops. This has helped supply jobs for those communities and has trained over 57,000 farmers in field schools in 2016.

*Some of the wafers that didn't make the cut for the middle of the Coffee Crisp*

*The wafers that did make the cut and are ready for some chocolate*

 *Just after the wafers have been covered in chocolate - creating Coffee Crisp*

Nestlé has built and refurbished over 40 schools for the children in the cocoa farm communities and sent school supplies to students so they can properly attend school. 

*After the cooling system, each bar is individually checked and anything not perfect is sent in the bin*

Did you know that the Nestlé factory employs more than 500 individuals living in the Greater Toronto Area!!

*Nestlé is preparing for Halloween so you can see here, Coffee Crisp has their Halloween label on and called "Coffin Crisp"*

A lot of us don't think before we unwrap our chocolate bar and eat it (except how delicious it will be).  But after this tour I can't help but think of all the work that goes into each product. And all the people that Nestlé helps along the way.

PS what is your favourite Nestlé chocolate bar!? Mine is a tie between Coffee Crisp and Kit Kat!!

-Sydney Hoffman

*This post was sponsored by Nestlé Canada. However the views and opinions expressed in this blog are purely my own*


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