Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Fall Decor

If you've been following me on Instagram @syd.hoff you will realize I'm obsessed with fall. I'm actually obsessed with every holiday. Growing up I always loved coming home from school and my mom had decorated the whole house for the holidays. She usually had something delicious like banana bread or peanut butter cookies baking and it's truly one of my favourite memories. I guess that rubbed off on me because I get so excited to decorate my house for every holiday. Here are some shots of my condo downtown all decorated for fall.

Tea Towels: Winners

Garland: Michaels

 Pumpkin Sign: Michaels || Candle: Anthropologie

Hello Fall Pillow: Michaels || Throw Blanket: Homesense

Garland: Michaels

Pillow: Homesense || Throw Blanket: Homesense 

I can't wait until it's a bit colder and I can put my fire table on!

-Sydney Hoffman