Thursday, October 5, 2017

Easy Apple Pie Recipe

I've never made an apple pie before, but I've always wanted to. Every year when I go apple picking I always say I'm going to make an apple pie and never do. SO this year I finally did it and was so proud of myself. I cheated and bought pie crust, but I think maybe next year I'll tackle my own homemade pie crust. One thing at a time, right?

(Here) is a link to make your own homemade pie crust

Once I had my Pillsbury pie crust laid out in my pie pan, I started with my apples and delicious filling. I cut up 6 apples and cut my apple slices very thin. I'm not a huge fan of chunky apple slices.

In a pan on medium heat add...

1/2 unsalted butter
3 tbsp all purpose flour
1/4 water
1/2 white sugar
1/2 brown sugar (I used coconut sugar)
1 tbsp of cinnamon (I put wayyyyyy more)
1 tsp of vanilla 

Once my apples were all cut up I put them into a big bowl and dumped the yummy filling into the bowl with my apples. If you want you can leave a little leftover the mixture to coat the top of the pie before it heads into the oven. I mixed everything together so each apple was coated with the yummy mixture. I dumped everything into my pie pan and then added the other Pillsbury pie crust on top and cut a few slices in the middle to let the pie breathe. My next challenge will be to create a fun pie design with my crust. Top the pie crust off by brushing some leftover mixture.

Before adding the pie into the oven add some tin foil over the pie lightly. Spray the tin foil incase it sticks to the pie. Once it's ready for the oven preheat to 425F for 10-12 minutes. After 10-12 minutes turn the oven down to 350F for 40 minutes. After 40 minutes remove the tin foil to allow the pie crust to brown. Keep it in the oven for another 10 minutes.

 Let the pie cool and you are good to go!!

-Sydney Hoffman