Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Winter Escape to the Cottage

The bluest day of the year just passed and I'm really understanding how people can get down or depressed during this month. All of the special holidays are over and there is this pressure to start your new year off bigger and better than you have in the past. It has also been super cold, so I haven't left the house much and my anxiety is creeping up on me again. I thought what a perfect way to try to kick this January funk then to head to the cottage for the weekend for a relaxing, winter escape. It truly helped. I felt like I got to really chill out and process what exactly I want this year. It felt great!

 Jacket: Shein

I just received this teddy bear coat and literally wore it the entire weekend. It was the perfect cozy sweater/jacket for the cottage.

-Sydney Hoffman

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