Sunday, March 11, 2018

Shein Review

I always get so many questions about the website Shein and what I truly think of the clothing. I wear a decent amount of Shein which is why everyone usually asks. Shein is a website that has some super cute, bright and fun pieces but everything is extremely cheap. When you see some of the prices instantly a red flag goes up and you wonder, is this legit!? The answer is's legit. But I have some tips and some information for you before ordering.

1. Don't expect high end fabric and quality.
Most of the time I receive high quality pieces, but sometimes I don't. But that doesn't bother me because the reason why I order from here is the low price. I could care less if it's not the greatest quality because I'm only paying $10 for it and to me that is completely worth it.  Most of the time the fabric is great and I get a lot of wear out of what I order. Even with bathing suits I wear them all day swimming over and over again and haven't had any issues.

2. Always check reviews for sizing.
Sizing can vary depending on what you are ordering. However, I am usually a small and small fits most of the time. With bathing suits I would suggest potentially sizing up, because they to run a little on the tight side, but ALWAYS read the reviews for each product. What's amazing is that a ton of people will review the pieces and give you their honest opinions about sizing and quality. There has been a couple of times I was set to order small and everyone wrote how tiny the size was. I sized up and it was perfect.

3. Shipping takes longer
Whenever I order from Shein I usually order quite a few pieces to make it worth it. Shipping does not take 5-7 business days like most websites. I mean sometimes you may get it within 7 business days but I highly doubt it. You usually won't get an email about your item being shipped until a few days after. Once it has been shipped you can follow the tracking like normal, but it may take 2 weeks for your order to arrive...maybe longer. If you need something the following week I would not suggest ordering. If I need something for an upcoming trip I usually order way in advance.

These are just a few things I tell people. I get a ton of questions about where I get my bathing suits and this is where I order. Super cheap, awesome fun prints and I've never had any major issues. Little issues like a bikini bottom may be a bit small (but other websites I've had the same issues) I washed a bathing suit and the dye bled on another shirt while it was hanging to dry. That's about it. I know some people have had worse experiences, but I've ordered quite a few pieces and this is my honest opinion. I hope this helps :)

-Sydney Hoffman

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  1. I wish to try Shein too, Whats wrong with Shipping? it'll take 2 weeks?