Monday, March 11, 2019

Boca Grande Florida

Earlier this month my sisters, mom and I went on a little vacation to Boca Grande Florida. Devon and I were getting a little sad about the crazy winter weather Toronto was having and we needed to go somewhere warm. Devon searched hidden gems in Florida and Boca Grande popped up. I had never heard of Boca Grande Florida but it looked so quaint and tropical. When we arrived we realized it's definitely not a tourist spot. The majority of people are retired and wealthy. It was so quiet and everyone was SO nice. After 5pm most places in the town close up, so if you are wanting to party at night this isn't the place for you. However, my sisters and mom loved that even more!
As you can see from the photos above the beaches are beautiful. There are tons of public beach access spots all along the main strip.

As I mentioned this isn't a very touristy spot so there weren't many hotels to choose from. The building I'm standing in front of is the main place to stay. Unfortunately we booked so last minute this was completely booked but its so adorable inside and out. The Gasparilla Inn has the cutest decor and they own many restaurants throughout the town like Pink Elephant and The Inn Bakery which we went to every morning.

The coffee and ham&brie sandwich on a croissant was DELICIOUS.

We ended up finding only one hotel available at The Boca Grande Resort and it was wonderful. I wouldn't really call it a resort exactly but it was very cute, clean and everyone was friendly. It was definitely further from the beach and town but we rented golf carts and had such a fun time carting around everywhere. In fact everyone there has golf carts. They even have designated golf cart paths that make getting around super simple. Beside our hotel there was a shop called Kappy's Market. It had everything from Florida merchandise to food to golf cart rentals. It was very convenient to walk over and rent a golf cart for the weekend. 

The Loose Caboose was another favourite restaurant of ours. This is located in the heart of the small town. Everyone working there was so kind. The food wasn't fancy at all but tasted amazing.

Our very favourite spot we went to almost every night was South Beach Bar and Grill. We would head there to drink on the beach and watch the sunset. After sunset we would head inside and get food which was so so delicious!

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-Sydney Hoffman

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