Saturday, April 30, 2011

Kate Middleton's Nail Polish

So as everyone knows the Royal Wedding just happened yesterday Friday April 29, 2011 and I was sooo beyond excited!! I loved it soo much I was so giddy and nervous and excited for everything. It was seriously beautiful and such a perfect day. I was in LOVE with her dress and everyone's outfits and thought everything was just wonderful. So when I was on twitter and looking through the many tweets about the Royal Wedding one came up about her nail polish that was worn on her wedding day. Kate's manicurist Marina Sandoval from the Jo Hansford salon came out and told the exact shades of polish she blended for the bride’s wedding day look: Bourjois So Lague Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge a barely there pink sold only in the UK, and Essie Allure a sheer beige tone. Considering I live in Canada I could only buy the Essie "Allure" because the Bourjois polish is only available in the UK. I may see if I can order it or something but here is the Essie "Allure" on my nails, along with my fake Kate look alike engagement ring that I bought for $12 at Wal-Mart with my friends.
As I told you guys before in Canada we are behind on hours so my friends and I decided to do an all nighter considering the pre wedding shows started at 3am for us and the official wedding started at 5 am for us here. We thought it would be fun to get lots of junk food and energy drinks to watch Royal Wedding specials all night and then be up to watch the actual wedding.
When the actual wedding started I went home to watch it with my mom, so as you can imagine by the time it started I was very tired so had many tea's and coffee's in my royal cups :)
Hope everyone enjoyed the wedding as much as I did !! :)

-Sydney xo


  1. I ordered both of those polishes on the day, haha! Glad i'm not the only one. Love your ring btw ;) x

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  3. Thank youu
    and I finally found her other nail polish Bourjois So Lague Ultra Shine Nail Enamel in Rose Lounge, I was so excited!!

  4. I live in Canada and you can buy Bourjois at any Shoppers Drug Mart.....
    In fact just tonight I picked up Rose Lounge.

  5. Wait, no. Not any Shoppers. But any Shoppers with a BEAUTY BOUTIQUE.

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