Monday, April 11, 2011

So Sorry--Dominican!

Hello my beautiful people I am sooooo sorry I haven't updated in such a long timee!!
I went on my trip to Dominican which I will post some photos of below and once I was back all I did was work, work, work!!! UGH it's been quite hectic and now I have some down time so I wanted to come back on and tell you all I'm sorry and that I won't leave you guys hanging like that again!
I promised you all that I would upload some photos of my bathing suits which I ordered from Victoria's Secret and upload some photos from my trip :)

Sorry for the half naked photo's but I wanted to show you guys my bathing suits! This trip was amazing and I have found some new products I would love to show you :)

-Sydney xo


  1. Wow it looks so nice and sunny down there. Looks like you had a brill time x

  2. Question. How do you meat jelly beans, snow balls and chocolate but you still look like THAT???! Are you one of "those" girls? haha