Monday, November 14, 2011

LG Fashion Week Pictures

I know I seriously apologize but because I was working there during Fashion Week I couldn't`t bring my normal camera and had to take everything on my Blackberry. I took so many photos that it then took so long to add to the Internet and then add them to my blog. I have decided considering that all of the fashion shows are out in the Internet for you to all see, that I will just add the fun photos of myself and the venue. My ultimate favorite shows out of all of them were Denis Gagnon and Lala Berlin. Of course Jay Manuel, Joe Fresh and Pink Tartan was wonderful but I kind of expected those to be wonderful. It was Denis Gagnon and Lala Berlin that I didn't think about too much but was pleasantly surprised :)
 Myself and another volunteer after watching a show in the VIP room

 In the venue a great private lounge shaped as a Canadian leaf.

 Did a very sneaky shot of Jay Manuel talking with my one of my friend's Jeremy Solomon. You can find his blog (here)

 The beautiful Canadian model Jessica beautiful !

 This is how the front of the venue looked like :)

 Our very own LG trailer for us :)

Jeanne Beker tweeting away !!

 A few other photos of me outside the tents :)

Jessica Stam posing with the Mercedes

Hope you guys liked the photos..again so sorry they were so late!

- Sydney xo


  1. It looks like this was a lot of fun!

  2. nice car and cute pics! I follow you and if you want we can follow each other :)