Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Grandpa Sweater

There is a nice little story that goes with how I got this sweater. As some of you know I work at Jacob a Canadian clothing company. We have two sides to our where it's regular adult clothes and the other side is lingerie. We all take turns with who works where but if you work in the lingerie side then you are by yourself because it's a smaller store. About 3 in a half weeks ago I was chatting with a customer about how much I loved her sweater. She told me her Aunt hand makes them for her every year from Calgary. We then ended up chatting a bunch more about Value Village and I complimented her on her Mukluk she was wearing. I helped her pick out some underwear and pajama sets and she was on her way. About 6 days ago when I was working on the clothing side my manager came up to me saying a lady just dropped off a bag and a card and wouldn't tell her name but told my manager to just read the card. I was seriously freaking out..I thought someone was going to yell at me or that I was getting hate mail from a previous customer. I walked in the back and saw this big Christmas bag that you can see below. I figured it wasn't hate mail from the happy Christmas bag but was still completely confused. I opened the card and it said "Thank you Sydney for your help the other day in the store. Enjoy the sweater! Merry Christmas" As soon as I opened the gift I knew exactly who it was from. It was the sweater I complimented the lady on the other day and she told me her Aunt gives her one every year so I can only assume she gave me the one she recently received from her Aunt. I was beyond thrilled and so thankful. I never knew people were so thoughtful in the world today and would do something so nice to a girl that helped her in Jacob. I was so happy and thought it was the nicest thing someone could ever do. It was a nice start to my Christmas. 
So here is the sweater 

Riding Pants : Jacob
Purse : Value Village
Wedges : Roberto Vianni
Rings : Lia Sophia

 Here are some more Christmas decorations around my house. This is in one of my bathrooms with a painting that my sister painted reflecting in the mirror.

-Sydney xo


  1. i love the hugh chunky cable knit sweater and those wedges! you look super festive

  2. That is the sweetest story I've heard in a long time. How thoughtful of her!! It looks great on you too and the backstory just makes it all that much more special.

  3. I've almost the same sweater ;) Great outfit !
    Bisous, Orane.

  4. I love grandpa sweaters sooooo much! I love wearing them, especially during the winter! The candles and snowman in your bathroom is super cute too!