Friday, December 30, 2011

Winter Wonderland

I am loving the snow right now, even though I'm sure I will start to hate it in about a month. I wanted something cozy and warm to wear today and I thought this was perfect!!

Jeans : Buffalo David Bitton
Sweater : Ricki (Value Village)
Boots :Aldo
Gloves : The Bay
Purse : Holt Renfrew (Value Village)
Hat : H&M

The ring in the last photo is a vintage diamond ring that my dad bought my mom a while ago! I've been dying for this ring and I "steal" it all the time. It is worth a lot so my mom gets mad at me every time I take it, but one day it will be mine haha 

-Sydney xo


  1. i really love this outfit ! check out mine blog.

  2. love the little pom pom on our beanie! the chain stapped purse totally makes the outfit more chic

  3. i am in love with your jeans they are fab. I have the same hat as you too :D great taste xxx

  4. I always love snow when its all nice and fluffy and when it starts to melt and turn to ice, that's when it turns into a nightmare. But I'm still super jealous of your snow, we haven't even snowed once this winter in Vancouver :( I do love your jumper and your jeans!!!