Monday, January 23, 2012

Little Pieces of my Room

I've been super tired and gross feeling today as it was a rainy day. Hung around my house and my lovely mother helped me clean my disastrous room. It is now clean and feels a lot better to properly organize my clothes. Here are some random photos around my room today!

 My new picture I got for Christmas finally up above my bed.

Some things on my makeup table

My new mannequin wearing my New Years dress which you can find that post (here)

Some other things on my makeup table! 

 and more...

and some more.

My new purse by Elizabeth Arden..which I got at Value Village.

My bedside table with a scented bear I got from my boyfriends is so cute

My antique jewelry box stool

Dried up roses that I've kept ever since my boyfriend gave them to me when asking me out to cheesy, but cute.

Some new jackets and sweaters hanging on my rolling rack beside my bed.

 This antique case I got from my nanny which holds all my bathing suits.

My meal for today..I'm really healthy

-Sydney xo


  1. Well, I feel totally lame now. Lol! This room is so cool and has so many interesting pieces. I especially love the mannequin and the gorgeous artwork!

  2. Cute pictures :) your room looks really cool, and like Meredith said above, has so many interesting pieces!
    I love these posts, i'm so nosey haha. I just love seeing other peoples rooms xx

  3. love that painting in your room and all the perfumes!