Saturday, January 14, 2012

New Camera and a New Sweater

Finally I got a new camera!! No more 35 more more not being able to see what I'm more running up to Wal-Mart every day to get them developed! Anyways so I bought the Canon T2i and the lens I bought was a 50 - 52 mm 1 : 1.8 ! These are the photos I took with the new camera, so in love with it!

Here is my look today!

It snowed and I couldn't be happier!

Sweater : Daniel Hechter (Value Village)
Shorts : Buffalo David Bitton
Boots : Aldo
Knee High Socks (which are actually ankle socks but I pulled them up) : Good Will
Tights : Winners
Gloves : The Bay
Hat : Yukon Tracks

-Sydney xo


  1. love the new camera! congrats! the sweater is really cute

  2. Oh my gosh let me first say this camera takes awesome pics! I am also so tired of my damn awful camera so I will be getting a canon too soon! The sweater is so cute and looks super warm!~I am so jealous you have snow in canada :) I wish we had here too!
    kisses sweetie

    new post on my blog :)

  3. we snowed for the first time this year a little bit last night! :) and great outfit such a cute sweater and congrats on your new camera, the pictures look awesome.



  4. great sweater great pics

  5. The pics look amazing, I can't wait to see all the awesome pictures you're going to be taking from now on. You look like such a doll in red. I'll be sad when the Christmas season is over!

  6. Lovely sweater, lovely leather gloves, sweet otk socks in awesome otk boots, totally sexy! :) Big applause to you!