Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Beach Day!

Here is my look for today!

I spent the day at the beach yesterday with some friends!
They are setting up the Canada's Day weekend event with a carnival on the pier :)
After lounging for a bit on the beach we walked to this cute ice cream place for some fries and of course ice cream !!
I finally brought out my beach bag that I snagged at Value Village for $2.99. Two days after I bought it I found out Louis Vuitton had the almost exact bag for their resort collection but in a silver grey. The Louis Vuitton one however is around $3000.
Photo from The Blonde Salad my favorite blogger!

Dress : Forever 21
Sunglasses : Ray-Ban
Bathing Suit : Victoria's Secret
Bag : Berg (Value Village)
Hat : (Winners)

-Sydney xo


  1. Great dress and the Bag is amazing!!!

  2. a day on the beach? thats sounds great...:)
    i really love your bag!
    followed ♥

  3. That cage-like bag is so amazing! That was definitely a great find.

  4. Your bathing suit looks adorable! xA

  5. amazing photos. u look gorgeous.
    damn i need vacation :)


  6. That green bag is so cute!

  7. that beach bag is so cool!!

  8. Such a cute bag Sydney, and I love the colour! :-)

    Vanessa x