Friday, June 8, 2012

Off to Work

Here is my look for today!!

I've been wanting printed pants for a while, so I'm glad I ended up buying these from Jacob :)

Pants : Jacob
Tank Top : Jacob
Blazer : H&M
Heels : Pleasure (Value Village)
Clutch : Chanel
Necklace : Jacob
Sunglasses : (Salvation Army)

It was one of my best friends birthdays yesterday, so at work a bunch of us brought her yummy treats :)
This is the cake I made her with huge chunks of fondant on top!

 All the yummy treats at work :)

-Sydney xo


  1. I love this look! You're stunning & sophisticated! Your necklace is absolutely gorgeous! LOVE that piece! As for your clutch! What a classic :) Lovely outfit, hun! xo, Megs

  2. You are great in this look! I love the tone of black and white, and your necklace is nice!
    Cute cake!

  3. you look stunning!! I LOVE the necklace and the capris! It is so nice for this time of year!

    -ariel* xoxo

  4. so chic! love the print on those pants

  5. Wow your outfit posts are so great! Loving all the Chanel ;-) Love, VLL xo