Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas Fun

The other night I had my work Christmas dinner party and this is a sneak peak at what I wore. Will be posting outfit photos tomorrow :)

It was a casual dinner so I decided with a slimming long sleeve sweater tucked into my bright red skirt and topped with some stud booties. Of course I had to add my Christmas earrings and watch to really make it a Christmas outfit :)

 I then set out with Jordan with some French Vanilla's to check out the beautiful Christmas lights. There are always two neighborhoods I always love to check out with their stunning Christmas light displays.

Last night I caught up with some friends and we got Egg Nog frozen yogurt with tons of candy :) 

Now I'm getting my nails ready for Christmas :D

Is everyone finished Christmas shopping!? Tomorrow I'm finishing off mine then lots of baking a head :) Have a great day!

-Sydney xo

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