Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas Presents

 This is what my Christmas tree looked like when I walked downstairs Christmas morning, and these are some of the presents I received.

The most exciting gift I got was from Jordan, and he got me an Iphone :D 
I've wanted one for a while now and of course I now have Instagram!
It will keep you all up to date on my outfit posts and new purchases!
My user name is sydhoff3 and you can also find my instagram link on the side of my blog >>
My parents knew Jordan was getting me an Iphone so they also bought me the cutest Iphone case.

Here are some of my recent Instagram photos 

My Christmas Eve outfit

My stockings all hung up above the fireplace

Coach contact case

New Christmas pjs

New sweater 

I also received lots of chocolate, gift cards, movies and little trinkets!
Plus the winter coat in my Canadian Winter post.
I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas..I'm sad to see it go!!

-Sydney xo